Choosing a Pet? Cat vs. Dog

People often classify themselves as “cat people” or “dog people.” In the past, I would have probably considered myself more of a cat person, but now I would consider myself evenly split (my reasons below!) If you’re searching for a pet, I would say, leave your options way open.

Choosing a Pet? Cat vs. Dog~ An Artful Mom

Our Siamese cat, Lucy, is the 16 year old queen of the house, so I was a tiny bit concerned when we had the audacity to bring a second furry child into the home. We love Lucy so much. But we brought a dog into her world– Sunny, the sweet, humble, definitely less cool and collected one. It’s hard to imagine a more friendly or more loving dog. Sunny is a puppy mill rescued Yorkie, and each day she shows us how grateful she is to be a member of our family. She has blossomed so much.

We resisted getting a dog for many years. Cats are easier to keep–They’re more independent, require no grooming (Lucy grooms herself—a lot), and use a litter box. Lucy has been the best cat anyone could ever have (and she knows it!) She can talk. Really. She literally holds conversations with us. She’s getting old now, (but she doesn’t look or act it!) and I can’t even imagine our family without her. But, I can now say, without hesitation, I can’t imagine not having Sunny too. You can’t compare them, of course. They are apples and oranges. The queen and her subject. I have learned that I can be a “dog person” and a “cat person” at the same time.

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  1. I love both cats and dogs too, but cats are much less work and less expensive too. We have two cats and a dog and we are happy with them all!

    Your dog looks very happy to be with you.

  2. Thank you Tammy! Your two small Yorkies must be adorable.
    Thanks Brianna! Yes, your kitty sounds a lot like our Lucy. Yes, Yorkies are so special (but then I am biased!)
    Karen and Gerard–Thanks for your comment! Our Sunny has fit into our family so well. She always seems so grateful to be here.

  3. Oh so VERY sweet… We have both Cats and Dogs… Love them BOTH… ALL really.. 🙂 Thanks for Linking up to FURSday.. Hope to see you next week.. 🙂

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