Choosing a Pet? Cat vs. Dog

People often classify themselves as “cat people” or “dog people.” Should you choose a cat or a dog? They are both wonderful pets. This post will give you some things to consider when choosing a pet.

Our Siamese cat, Lucy, is the 16 year old queen of the house, so I was a tiny bit concerned when we had the audacity to bring a second furry child into the home. We love Lucy so much. But we brought a dog into her world – Sunny, the sweet, humble, definitely less cool and collected one.

Choosing a Pet? Cat vs. Dog~ An Artful Mom

It’s hard to imagine a more friendly or more loving dog than Sunny. Sunny is a puppy mill rescued Yorkie, and each day she shows us how grateful she is to be a member of our family. She has blossomed so much.

Owning a Cat

Cats are more independent, require little grooming (Lucy grooms herself – a lot), and use a litter box. They are often content to enjoy life indoors.

Cats love to play, and they need play for exercise. Our Lucy sleeps quite a bit during the day, but she doesn’t mind asking for attention at 3 in the morning, often by knocking something off the dresser (or at least threatening to!) Her behavior can be so hilarious that we don’t even mind her early morning play.

Lucy can talk. Really. (It’s her version of talking, anyway.) She literally holds conversations with us. She’s getting old now (but she doesn’t look or act it), and she still loves to play.

Owning a Dog

Dogs require more care, overall. They need to go outside to relieve themselves, to get exercise, and to play. I absolutely love my time outside with Sunny.

Depending on the breed, dogs can need quite a bit of grooming, that they can’t do themselves. (But, with some practice and care, you can groom your own dog, as I do.)

Dogs love to be close to their humans a bit more than cats do, as cats need more down-time. Our Sunny is an exquisite snuggler. (Cats like to snuggle, too!) Dogs are easier to train than cats.

Both our Lucy and Sunny have been the best dog and cat anyone could ask for. They have blessed our lives beyond measure.

You can’t compare them, of course. They are apples and oranges. The queen and her subject. I have learned that I can be a “dog person” and a “cat person” at the same time.

Update: Sadly, since this post was written, we have said our final goodbyes to both Lucy and Sunny, the best cat and dog we could ever have imagined.

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  1. I love both cats and dogs too, but cats are much less work and less expensive too. We have two cats and a dog and we are happy with them all!

    Your dog looks very happy to be with you.

  2. Thank you Tammy! Your two small Yorkies must be adorable.
    Thanks Brianna! Yes, your kitty sounds a lot like our Lucy. Yes, Yorkies are so special (but then I am biased!)
    Karen and Gerard–Thanks for your comment! Our Sunny has fit into our family so well. She always seems so grateful to be here.

  3. Oh so VERY sweet… We have both Cats and Dogs… Love them BOTH… ALL really.. 🙂 Thanks for Linking up to FURSday.. Hope to see you next week.. 🙂

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