Blog Design Syndrome

I’m not sure what it is about me—I just can’t seem to let my blog look the same for more than a few weeks at a time.  I change the background like I’m changing outfits or something (which I was never much into until I had a teenage daughter, by the way.  Lately  I’m enjoying shopping for clothes almost as much as I enjoy shopping for art supplies or photography equipment. Almost…)

About my blog design—  now and then,  I can see the confused faces clear over here—Waaaait a minute… Is this the same blog I visited last week??  Weren’t there some birds or something in the background before?   What is with this woman anyway?  I sometimes hear  my mom’s voice in my head saying, “Leave well enough alone, Pam.”  (My mom was AWESOME.  And I still miss her.)  But I’ve never been one to leave well enough alone.  (Sometimes a good thing, sometimes not.)

In the spirit of the annoying trend in the medical profession of giving an official sounding diagnosis to a  list of symptoms, I’ve decided to diagnose my own set of frenetic symptoms as “Blog Design Syndrome.”  Who’s with me—anyone else have Blog Design Syndrome?  You know who you are…

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  1. I definitely suffer from the same syndrome, but I do believe that I'm getting better. I used to go on Scrapblog all the time and create all sorts of new headers. I don't really have the time for that, anymore, so I think I might be on the road to recovery!

  2. I've known folks who change their blog design a couple times a month every year. It's like re-arranging furniture.

    I think a blog's content is what brings readers back and yours seems great!

    I'm your newest follower. Please stop by and say hi.

  3. I used to be like that, but now I just do it to seasons.

    Thank you so much for stopping by on my SITS Day. I appreciate it very much.

  4. Sometimes its so much fun to redesign a blog! It's like redecorating a room in your home, or revamping your wardrobe. It's a fresh change of scenery and a chance to be creative.

  5. Thanks all for your feedback. I just recently changed my blog header, and it was the first time I ever made my own! I never knew how fun that would be!

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