When Life Gives You Leaves…

We have a huge maple tree in the front yard. In the spring, I love this old tree. You can see the bottom of it here.  I had just planted the flowers. (Well, the mulch wasn’t there yet, but you get the idea…)

Around October every year, though, my feelings toward this tree change. A lot.  Starting in October, I say,  “I hate that tree” repeatedly, because it dumps massive loads of leaves onto the lawn. My teenage daughter can’t understand how I think the leaves are a bad thing.  She views them as beautiful symbols of a beautiful season. Which they are.  But I see them as work.

Last weekend, though, I was reminded to look at the leaves differently.  Watching my niece and nephew play in the leaves brought back memories of my own kids playing in this same yard at my in-laws.’

My niece and nephew are hilarious.

So, on that day, at least, I was able to look at leaves from “both sides.”   (!)  A good “half full” attitude to adopt every day, don’t you think?

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  1. One thing I always miss living in Miami (and not NY anymore) is the changing of the leaves during the seasons and the simple pleasure that playing in them brings to children.
    Thanks for stopping by yesterday on my SITS day!

  2. Hello Pam! So glad we are new bloggy friends! your home is adorable! Looking forward to our blogging together. Blessings, Rayanne

  3. Oh what fun to see things through the eyes of those young ones!! Love your pictures and your reframing of the view! Blessings!

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