Simple Landscaping and Curb Appeal

And I do mean simple.  My husband and I  had no skill at landscaping, gardening, or adding curb appeal until the last few years (not that I would call us skilled, actually.)

Given our passion for it now, we’re making up for lost time. With that said, we’re newbies, and we keep it simple. Flowers have made all the difference in the curb appeal of our house, and in the pleasure we have in our backyard. (The big backyard that makes it so hard for us to move!)

Here’s the Mandevilla we bought yesterday. I fell in love with this plant last spring. It grew like crazy last year and we trained it to wrap around the railing. It’s amazing how much one big, colorful plant makes the porch so much prettier. (Mandevillas need lots of sun.)

The corner in the rear of our backyard, by the woods, was always neglected in the past, but my husband decided last year that it deserved some color too. He’s just getting started with it for this year.   The hanging plant on the right in the photo below is a Fuchsia.  The flowers in the pots are Impatiens. (Both Fuchsia and Impatiens grow well in shade. Until today, I thought they were called  ImpatienTs. Oops.)

We plopped this trellis in front of the gate to our backyard last spring. (Again, a really simple thing that added some charm.)  We’ve been trying to decide what kind of  flowers to put on each side to climb it–maybe Mandevillas. What do you think?

More to come, as soon as we get some more flowers planted…

Enjoy your day and its simple pleasures!

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  1. Love it! Super simple ideas that really make your space adorable. Anyways thanks for stopping by my SITS day! Nice to meet you!

  2. Pretty! I enjoyed seeing what all ya'll are doing. It all looks so polished and inviting! The fern on the chair is a lovely creative touch and I am wondering why haven't I thought of that. 🙂 We are like you and recently have gotten more interested in our yard over the past few years. Thanks for the inspiration today! For our trellis, we planted Jasmine on each side. It grew quickly and blooms nicely in the spring, but requires a fair bit of trimming. Thanks for the inspiration today!

  3. The flowers are lovely! Our backyard also needs some work and you just gave me some ideas to start with. Just hope my husband and I can find some time to do it. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Looks great! I have to ask for assistance to help me from the local greenhouse because we lack the ability to visualize what would be perfect for our home and to enhance the curb appeal.

    Visiting from SITS, make it a great day!

  5. My husband can grow anything that bears fruit (or veggie), yet for some reason, we both seem to murder anything that flowers. I planted one of those Mandevillas last year against our fence. Dead. as a doornail. Stopping by from SITS!

  6. Well you know I love flowers and yours are wonderful! I have always love fuchsias but we don't have a shady spot for them. You are! Simple pops of color and whimsy can make big changes? I'll bet you just love looking out and seeing it all 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this at You're Gonna Love It Tuesday!

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