Around My House ~ week 2

I’ve been participating in an Around My House series, and today I thought I’d share a few memories that I have displayed in my living room curio. I love thinking about the history behind them. (By the way, I love curio cabinets–they keep the dust off of my little memories. Well, some of the dust anyway. How does the dust manage to get inside the cabinet??)

The little sugar and creamer set in the photo above was my great grandmother’s.  I love the colors and the detail on it. (That’s my grandmother and grandfather in the wedding photo behind the set. The enameled box at the far left was in our house as long as I can remember as I was growing up. I believe it was from Japan during World War 2.  (That’s my mom as a little girl during the 1930’s in the photo behind it.)   And the photo at the far right is my husband’s parents during the 50’s.  Weren’t they cute?

You can’t see it too well, but the little ceramic box in the back with the tiny roses was a gift to my mom from my sisters and me in the 1960’s.  I picked up the tiny silver box at an antique mall a few years ago. No history there, other than the memory of the fun I had finding it!

See the little diecut floral business card behind the old photo to the left, above?  The card is from my grandfather’s florist shop, and that’s a picture of him walking in the city with his family many many years ago. My mom is the little girl on the right.  While it isn’t so unusual that I would  have that little card, the way I got it is unusual, because I didn’t get it from my family. The story around it still amazes me. I collect vintage postcards, so I had gone to a big paper show in search of some. (What’s a paper show, you ask? Well, they have vintage postcards, posters, ads, ephemera, etc. I love that stuff.)   There was a huge exhibition room full of vendors, with literally thousands of items for sale. So how in the world did I find that old card from my grandfather’s florist shop at a huge paper show at the very first vendor I visited when I arrived, (who, by the way had hundreds of items for sale?)  But I did!  At the very first vendor’s booth.  In fact, he had four of them, so I as able to share them with my sisters.

The little hand and foot are mine (they’re called Pattycakes), and that’s my mom and dad in the picture on the right.

When I was a young girl, my mom gave me her set of Louisa May Alcott books, and I loved them.  Little Women was my favorite, but there were others, and that is Eight Cousins in the photo above. (I read some of them over and over.)  I love that they were my mom’s books!  The little china cup and saucer in the picture are not extremely old, but they belonged to  my husband’s grandmother, so they’re special.  I made the birthday card for my dad several years ago. It was special to him, so he had saved it. That’s me with him in the picture. (He had made my birthday cake that year, so he was kind of proud of that!)

I hope you enjoyed my little memories!  I know I enjoyed sharing them with you!

How about you?  How do you display your little memories?

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  1. Pam, I was completely entertained by the tour of your curio–which by the way, is a beautiful piece of furniture–and just read to my husband how you came about finding the card! That IS amazing!!! God at work loving to bless His children for sure! I love all your treasures! I have a thing for things like that! 🙂 Hugs!

  2. The little bits and pieces we decorate our home with have to have personal meaning, otherwise I don't want them. I never cared for a "decorator designed" house. Not that they can't be beautiful, just not my taste. I think your arrangement is lovely. Nice memories kept of those you love.

  3. wow it's is so awesome that you were able to find the card from your grandfather's shop. You have some very sweet memories. That's so awesome! 🙂

  4. I LOVE family heirlooms, especially those small things, that to others, might not mean anything…but to you, they mean everything! Happy SITS day!

  5. Beautiful collections. My collection of vintage tea cups is housed in my kitchen. My husband created and built a beautiful built-in shelving unit. They are not only beautiful to look at but I often have friends for tea and let them select what they would like to use.

    Hopping here from Ladies Only Linky Party

    Marie @ http://123craftcafe.com http://asatisfiedspirit.com

  6. I love your collections! I can't wait to buy a house one day so I can feel at ease creating a home. Thanks for linking this up at LOBS!

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