Mom Was Right

Through the years I’ve learned a few things–many of which I wish I had known much younger.   I’ve also learned that some ideas that were denounced by the “experts” were right all along.

Here are a few things that my mom might have said, that experts told us weren’t true.  It turns out, though, that Mom was right.

  • “Don’t get a chill.”  For years now, the “experts” have been telling us that you can’t catch a cold from getting a chill.  That’s technically true—a virus is the actual cause of a cold.  But the “experts” are now admitting that when your body gets chilled, it becomes more susceptible to a virus. So, to help prevent a cold, you should avoid getting too chilled outside. (Well, in the winter that is!  Not too much chance of that now, considering our high  temperature for today is forecast to be 102.) 
  • “Chicken soup helps cure a cold.”    On the topic of colds, that’s another one. Well,  cure a cold may be the wrong way to put it, but the “experts” now, do admit that chicken soup actually has power within it to lessen a cold’s intensity.
  • “Get sunshine and fresh air every day.”    I have memories from a very young age of  being outside in my backyard, playing.   ( I can remember sitting by a flower bush in my backyard at 2 or 3 years old, playing with bugs.  At least I didn’t eat them! As I got older, I was usually outside on my bike or planning a lemonade stand.)  The “experts” are just now learning the importance of vitamin D’s role in the immune system, and overall health.  Sunshine is a major source of vitamin D. So sunshine can help keep us healthy. (But Mom knew that all along.)  With the fear of skin cancer so rampant, many people forget that careful sun exposure is not only o.k. for us, but is actually critical to our good health. 

(All of this talk about colds and getting a chill make this sound like a January blog post, doesn’t it? )

I’ve made it a priority to teach my kids to think critically, to research things for themselves, and not to accept everything they hear as fact.  I’m glad I did.  I will say, it’s made for some lively discussion around the house!

Lucy appreciates the sun.

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  1. Hi Pam, Love the blog header with your photography. It's a warm place to visit. I like your comments on sunshine and fresh air. Thanks for all that you share here. ~ Abby

  2. Hi Pam! It's nice to meet you! I love creative people and beautiful photography. It brightens my day! Thanks for the follow on 1camera1mom. I'm following back with GFC, Twitter and Pinterest.

    Tina – Christian, wife, mom of 4, author and blogger of 5 blogs

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