My Current Favorite Quick Salad with Barbecue Ranch Dressing

I love salad. I eat it almost every day.  Now, I know the following idea is a simple idea, and you all are probably way ahead of me here.  (I almost didn’t post this, thinking it’s maybe a little too simple. But I figured if it was news to me, it may be to you too…)

An Easy Salad with barbecue ranch dressing

So, here’s my revelation…

My favorite barbecue restaurant serves a turkey salad with barbecue ranch dressing. I’ve always loved that salad, and I never realized that it’s the dressing I love so much.  Have you tried adding a little barbecue sauce to ranch dressing?   Well, apparently, that’s what makes that salad so good.

Lately, I’ve been adding some turkey to my romaine lettuce and topping it with barbecue ranch dressing.  All I do is add some barbecue sauce to bottled ranch dressing. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

I add a few olives too. (Sometimes I just want a salad NOW, so I admit, I often buy the lettuce in bags. With a little red cabbage bonus.)

So that’s my current favorite quick salad. I told you it was simple.

Here’s a link for a chicken BBQ salad that I’m going to try soon–  Taste of Home BBQ Chicken Salad   It sounds delicious and is only a little more involved.

(And I’m always open to simple salad ideas, so share them with me, please!)

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂 I'm a strange on that doesn't like veggies…but my husband would love that salad! I'll pass on your suggestion of adding bbq sauce to the ranch. 🙂

  2. Hello Pam,
    Thanks for the tip, sounds like a super yummy DIY salad dressing. Now, I will have to test it on my family. ;o)
    Smiles, Paula

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