Garden Gone Crazy

I’m so excited to show you the first pumpkin from our garden. My daughter says this photo looks “Wonderland-ish.”   It does kind of look as though Alice could be having a tea party in there, doesn’t it?    I can just imagine myself as a tiny, miniature person, hidden in the garden.


This summer was so hot (until the last couple of weeks) that I was afraid the garden wouldn’t produce many vegetables.  But the pumpkins have done well, and we’ve had quite a few delicious cucumbers. For some reason, the garden gave us lots of gourds, but the squash (which we really wanted!) hasn’t done so well.

The gourds have some really interesting texture, though.

Now, here’s a shot to give you an idea why this post earned the title Garden Gone Crazy.

See what I mean? Somewhere, hidden underneath all of that greenery, is a cute little white garden fence, to “contain” the plants. Ha! (We wanted a “tidy” garden.)  That little fence is actually mocking us, because the plants basically knocked it over.

The garden pretty much took over the glider bench too…

We’ve enjoyed this little garden and learned some lessons for next year. Hopefully, next summer won’t be known for record breaking heat.  The garden was a challenge, but overall, it grew like crazy!

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  1. Looks like the pumpkins are going crazy! You'll have more than you know what to do with. I love the picture, too. It DOES look very wonderlandish.

  2. It did go crazy, but looks healthy! That first picture is crazy good, like looking at high def TV!


    1. Thanks Dawn. Yes, my daughter's foot was hanging off the hammock, and I decided not to crop it out! You have a good eye!

  3. Fun pictures! We grew pumpkins once and they took over our yard, too. It's amazing how big those plants get.

    Enjoy the fruits of your labors! Stopping by from SITS.

  4. I love the perspective of the first one. Definitely feels Alice in Wonderland-ish.
    Pumpkins will take over everything. lol

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