I Don’t Like Magic Middles… A Marriage Story

The very first time my husband and I grocery shopped together, we spent a long time in the cookie aisle. (Those who know me aren’t surprised by that last sentence of course…) The cookie choices were bombarding us from the shelves. (There really are too many choices of everything at our grocery stores, don’t you think?) 

Some of those cookie choices don’t exist anymore though. Like Magic Middles. 

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My husband reached for the Magic Middles, and I stopped him dead in his tracks. “I don’t like Magic Middles.” I said it with such finality–as if to say, “Don’t even think about buying those Magic Middles.” My husband knew for the first time, at that moment, that I took my cookies very seriously.

I immediately felt bad and told him to go ahead and buy the Magic Middles, but, instead, he suggested we choose the cookies together.  To this day, with a big grin, sometimes he’ll just pop out with, “I don’t like Magic Middles.”

Since then, we’ve disagreed on WAY more serious things than cookies. It would  be great if the most serious disagreements husbands and wives ever had were over cookies. (Kind of an understatement there…)

Life is so complicated, so difficult, and so unpredictable. Sometimes, honestly, my husband and I seem so extremely different.  The beauty of that is,  I see how clearly our personalities actually complement each other.  Some of my husband’s strengths are some of my weaknesses, and vice versa.  I thank God for my husband who is also a wonderful dad to our kids.

And, yes, I still have a weakness for cookies…

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  1. Conflict is so much easier to resolve in marriage if you are both centered on Christ. On another note, I've never had a magic middle cookie.

    1. So very true. About the Magic Middles–They were around for a little while about the time we got married, 23 years ago!)

  2. So true! I see how my husband and I are exactly the opposite yet perfectly complement, meeting the weaknesses of the other. Amazing how that happens. And it's amazing how grace changes a marriage. Blessings to you!

  3. I don't think I even know what magic middles are. Guess I'm out of the loop. I now know to stay away. ;D
    I, too, wish it was more about "magic middles" but know that those differences are a part of the gift God has given us in each other. Thanks for the encouraging reminder.

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