The Wall Came Down (and a Few Remodeling Tips)

Hi everyone!

I told you several days ago about the chaos our house has been
in, with the renovations going on. So, I thought I’d show you a picture of the
(almost) finished project. Although I don’t (as usual) have a before picture
from the same angle. Just imagine that in this picture, you can’t see the living room, because  you are looking at a
WALL.  That would be the “before” picture. (The same wall that my London watercolors were hanging on, right behind the sofa. Remember,
from a few posts back?)  Don’t worry, the watercolors are going back up on
another wall!

Remodeling Tips

The kitchen and living rooms have become
much more functional without that wall.   

See our little stuffed
monkey, Monk Monk, sitting on the bottom half of what used to be the wall?  He
tends to appear around the house (via my husband, who has been doing that ever since the kids were little. And still is.)  We never know where Monk Monk will turn up. 

 Silly, I know–but fun.  (But I’m digressing!) 

My tips for this kind of remodel are:

  • Research the materials being used, ahead of time, if you are concerned about chemicals, sensitivities, etc. We made sure that the wood being used didn’t have formaldehyde, and we made sure to buy no VOC paint. Our contractor understood our concerns and was great about checking with us before he bought products or stained the wood.
  • Remove any pictures, knick- knacks, books, etc. from the area. There will be a lot of fine dust, and even though the contractor usually covers the furniture with plastic tarps, it’s best to just remove anything you can.
  • Prepare a few days worth of dinners and freeze them (or be prepared to go out to eat or get take out for several days.)  Even though the work was not primarily done in the kitchen, much of the area was affected.
  • Be accessible. Situations and questions arise during the process, and the workers need answers. Try to be around a lot (without being near enough to breathe the dust!) or at least be easy to contact.

The kitchen floor is getting replaced next week. Can’t wait. (I’m anxious to
get it done, not only because the floor will be so pretty, but because I’m kind
of done with the whole renovation upheaval for a while!  Very grateful, though!)

 And speaking of gratitude, I hope you all have a wonderful
Thanksgiving!  (Off to get a turkey
shortly. There are still some turkeys left, right?)

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  1. Thanks for the remodeling tips! I think that thing having Monk Monk surprise you anywhere in the house is indeed fun 🙂

  2. Looks good. We haven't had to do any remodeling (yet), but I understand it can be super stressful. Useful tips! Visiting from SITS!!

  3. Wow! That really is gorgeous and functional…a simple wall change! Very nice! And those are great tips, especially about making meals ahead of time. Brilliant! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm following you too!

  4. Wow Pam! Beautiful living space. And I love the idea of Monk Monk and how your husband moves me. That's the stuff of memories. Thanks for posting today. I love your advice!

  5. What a beautiful home! Thank you for following me today; YOU are my 100th follower. I'm delighted to return the favor!

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