When Momma’s Stressed, Everyone’s Stressed

I walk fast.  All the time. When my daughter and I are shopping, she always has to remind me that, “Mom, my legs are shorter than yours.”

As a matter of fact, I do a lot of things quickly.  Sometimes it reveals my underlying stress, sometimes not.

This morning, I was bustling around, quickly.  My son had not been awake for very long, and  I could see that my scurrying around was putting a negative spin on the morning (which can put a negative spin on the rest of the day.)  Moving a bit more slowly was all I needed to do to adjust the mood from one of stressful activity to one of calm purpose.

Hopefully, I’ll remember that tomorrow morning.

Have a great day everyone.

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  1. Ugh, I never stop either! I do have long legs although I'm not that tall but I feel like they really work and make me want to push past everyone. And I do find sometimes that my daughter is dragging behind me saying, "Wait for me!"

    Nice reminder to slow down.

  2. Good point! We've talked about that in our bible study. As women of the home, we often set the tone for everyone around us. Thanks for sharing Pam. Love the bench. ~ Abby

  3. Oh, I totally do this. My hustling around makes everyone stressed out. If I would just remember that and slow down, it would probably make things so smoother. Wait, no it wouldn't. The whole reason I usually have to shuffle is that my daughter is a dilly-dallier. If I'm not hustling us about, it will take her SO LONG to do anything. I can't win! –Lisa

  4. I totally do this and can see it stressing everyone out too…but I sometimes feel like I just can't stop. Thanks for the reminder to slow life down a teeny bit!

  5. I walk faster than my husband who's half a foot taller than I am 🙂
    What's with our innate desire to hurry and rush all the time?
    Thanks for the reminder to slow down.

  6. I'm a rusher and hurrier, too. I'm not sure how my kids feel about it, but my husband thinks it gets pretty old 🙂

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