Baseball Anyone?

At my house, we are baseball fans, as in the longer version of that word–fanatics.  (Except for my daughter. She hates baseball. Really. She hates it.  We have a video of her as a baby, sitting in her little pumpkin seat as we watched baseball on television. “She’ll probably love baseball too,” I said on the video, and then she tossed a block and screamed. That was pretty prophetic.)

But, my husband, son, and I love baseball. I know there are plenty of people, and that includes many of my readers, who don’t love baseball–and that’s o.k.  (Well, sort of o.k.  Kidding.)

The picture was taken at the one and only game I attended this year. It wasn’t the best game (which was unusual this year), but I still had fun, as I always do.  I like to soak in the ambiance while I’m there–the crowd, the hotdogs, the beautiful stadium (but I still miss our old stadium, in all of its round, glowing glory. It was the stadium of my youth.) We always keep our tickets from the games. We’re kind of dorky like that.

Our Cardinals have so much heart and character, and much of the team this year is talented young rookies.  I think I’d have to love them even if they weren’t my home team. Tonight, they’ll face the Los Angeles Dodgers in the first game of the NLCS (that’s National League Championship Series, for those of you who don’t follow baseball.)

So I just thought I’d pop in here today to give a little cheer for my team, and let you know that I have some projects in the works that I’ll be showing you here soon.

Enjoy your weekend!  (I’ll be watching baseball.)

Update:  The Cardinals are going to the World Series!   Joy!

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  1. I like baseball. I always have. My daughter HATES football – she seriously gets so upset that she has to spend even a minute of time with it on in the house! I think it's kinda hilarious, and luckily my husband isn't invested enough to care!

    1. Now that my daughter is 19, she tolerates the baseball on tv in the house, so maybe your daughter will do the same with football some day! It is funny how their opinions on these things form so early.

  2. Oh my word! A fellow Cardinals fan(atic)!!!!! Yay!!! Did you manage to stay up to watch all 13 innings? And to think, we get to see them play again in another 7 hours!

    1. So glad you're a fellow Cardinals fan! Yes, I stayed up for the whole game, and it was so worth it. Such a great game!

  3. Ok, after reading your "about me" post, I'm definitely your latest follower! As a fellow introvert who loves the Lord, who loves the Cardinals, who loves the beach … how could I not follow your blog? 😉 Go Cardinals!!

  4. I am not a sports fan at all, but I know several of my friends are very excited about the Cardinals going to the world series! Thumbs Up!

  5. I am not a big baseball fan, but I do like football! I am always taking photos of moments I want to remember too! Thanks for visiting my About page today! New follower!

  6. We're big Red Sox fans here.. not gonna lie. But my dad is a huge Cardinals fan. He didn't make it to a game this season but he's stoked about the World Series!

  7. I am a baseball fan in every sense of the word. Have to be honest, though, I can't stand the Cardinals. Such as part of being an NL team fan. I don't like many more in the NL. That being said, as a baseball nut (I had the chance to cover pro baseball for six years when I worked for a newspaper), I also live about 45 minutes from Cooperstown. Pure joy.

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