A Day in July (and a Tire)

Our pool is full and sparkling, (unlike last year when we couldn’t keep the pool clear at all, because we didn’t realize the filter needed new sand!), the garden is thriving, and my glorious gladioli are blooming again (just a little late. I was beginning to think we had lost them to the horrible winter, along with the hydrangeas.)

AND, we’ve been out and about taking pictures (even if they are just pictures from the phone. Not the best resolution, but it does capture memories. And often, that’s most important.)  So I thought I’d do a little phone picture dump today.

When my sister moved to Florida a couple of years ago, I adopted some of her pretty daylilies, and they’re beautiful.  (When I planted them, I had them all labeled nicely, but the labels are long gone, so I don’t know the names of each one. I should probably ask her…)

They are wonderful perennials–I recommend them!  She gave me several colors, and this is one of the more pastel varieties.

We have a sculpture park near our house, so my daughter and I had a walk there yesterday.  Here and there among the sculptures are some fun things for kids. Like this….pod? My daughter called it “the pear.” Whatever you call it, it’s amazing, and several little girls were having fun climbing the ladder to play inside.  (My daughter was a tiny bit jealous because it wasn’t there when she was little.)

There’s also a huge red sculpture that’s made from salvaged oil tanks.

We happened upon this huge tire, thinking it was another fun thing for kids to climb on, but no, it’s one of the “sculptures.”  See the sign?  A sculpture?  It’s a tire.  I’m pretty opened minded about art, but hey, it’s a tire.  

A fun place for some photos though. (And no, we didn’t climb it!)

Do you have any unusual parks near you?

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  1. I'm no blogger guru but I actually have my blog code set up for wide photos like this, but I did it on purpose! I saw instructions on a blog once and I followed them and it worked. Then when I moved from Blogger to WP, I had my designer keep it. I could find that link for you! Maybe you could do the reverse or something.
    That pear thing is AMAZING!

    1. Thanks, Tamara–I'd love the link if you have it handy! If you can't find it, though, no worries. I have some other people checking it for me too. I love having my pictures big, but for some reason the vertical ones suddenly got really huge, and I'm not able to change the size, which is strange. I was used to being able to change the photo size in Blogger, but now it won't let me.
      Yes, I LOVE that pear thing!

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