Instagram, Real Photo Style

It’s been a hectic and eventful few weeks. We have a lot going on, but that just means I have more to share with you. IF I can catch my breath long enough to sit down and write. (One thing, I was the second photographer at a wedding last weekend. Fun, exhilarating, stressful…and I’ll do it again for sure.)

Also, during my daughter’s spring break from college, she spent the whole week at home. (Her college is local, but she lives in a dorm there, so to have her home for so many days is a treat.) Sunny was overjoyed to see her girl.  (For those new to my blog, Sunny is our sweet, quirky, Yorkie. She’s technically my daughter’s dog (but pets often seem to figure out who the mama is, don’t they?)

So we had some old pictures out, and in between the laughter at my teen clothes and the amazement that my 12 year old self looked pretty much exactly like my daughter’s 12 year old self, she asked why some of the pictures were square.

“Those are from an old instamatic camera,”  I told her. Terrible, fuzzy photos, but the square shape and the hues are trendy and digital now, in the form of Instagram.

So here, in all of their trendy glory is my version of Instagram, “real photos” style.

(Clockwise, from top left)  Picture One-with two friends in VA Beach,  Picture 2-My kitten named Friday,  Picture 3- Me with my baby niece (She now has a teenage son!),  Picture 4-With the same two friends in front of the White House,  Picture 5-My seventh grade slumber party (I’m holding the stuffed dog),  Picture 6- With a friend at Disney World,  Picture 7- Ditto,  Picture 8- My softball trophy (I was so proud. We were the last place team, but in the playoffs we beat all of the other last placed teams!)

And, a reminder to please, please print out some of your pictures, so that your kids can laugh with you years from now!

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  1. Wow, about the wedding! I just started doing them and you described it perfectly. And yes, I'll do it again!

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