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How to Zentangle

Well, the title of this post is How to Zentangle, but you really don’t have to learn a lot.  It’s actually just a way to create images with structured patterns. You don’t have to be an artist or have any artistic talent.  Very relaxing and fun.

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After looking at several books about Zentangles,  I bought  Totally Tangled, at my local art supply store (shout out to ArtMart!)  I recommend it!  It’s available here, if you can’t find it locally.

Totally Tangled: Zentangle and Beyond

The Mono Drawing Pens from Tombow  are great for Zentangling.

My daughter, who always says she can’t draw, did these.

How to Zentangle for Doodlers, bullet journaling, and artists. #zentangle #doodling #bullet journal

The first time I saw some Zentangle designs, I was instantly intrigued by them.  They reminded me of the doodles I made for years in my spiral notebooks in school when I was supposed to be taking notes. Even in college.  (I did take notes too. I don’t know how I had time for note-taking between all of that doodling, but I did…)

Not surprisingly, I wasn’t the first one in my home to break open the book and give Zentangle a try. You might already know that my daughter is usually the one who ventures first into new creative projects. (She actually makes some of the Pinterest stuff she pins.)  She was home from college for the summer and spent some time making these fun patterns.

How to Zentangle

She decided to add some color to this one:

Zentangle at anartfulmom.com
Zentangle at anartfulmom.com

These are phone pics, so not the greatest, but you get the idea.

I love the designs my daughter drew.

Have you tried Zentangling yet?

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  1. There's a word for this! I've never tried it but Cassidy's Aunt loves to draw her own designs like this, and have Scarlet color them in. It's all so soothing – the drawing, the coloring, the watching.

  2. Yes, I dabbled in zentagles for a bit. I have a great Pinterest group board called Zentangles are the New Black. It's got tons of great resources and ideas. Sometimes when I'm on a long conference call, I'll sit and do Zentangles just to keep myself awake. I do love black and white prints and I've seen some great shirts, shoes, coffee cups, even light bulbs with beautiful zentangle designs.

    1. I will go take a peek at your Pinterest Board. I love black and white prints too. I like the clean bright contrast. Thanks for coming by!

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