Whip Up Fast, Healthy Meals in Minutes

Some days, you simply don’t want to cook something fancy. We’ve all got lazy days when, if we can’t whip a meal in under 30 minutes, we give up and order takeout. But, we all want fast, healthy meals, don’t we?

So, knowing some tricks to make every meal a healthy treat in a matter of minutes can be a game-changer. The most important tip is to find easy ways to add more vegetables into your meals.

Here are some ideas to whip up a yummy meal in a few minutes. 

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The 3-ingredient green wonder

Avocados are full of fantastic health benefits. So if you have an avocado in your kitchen, you can make this easy guacamole recipe that will transform your meal. Naturally low in sugar and high in healthy fat, avocados are packed with fiber that will keep you feeling full for longer. They are also fantastic for your skin, blood pressure, heart, and mood. 

But when it comes to making a humble meal go further, guacamole is your best ally. 

Contrary to common belief, you don’t need to make tacos to eat guacamole. If you are preparing chicken breast filets, you can spread guacamole on top just before serving. It will keep the meat moist and add some nutritious goodness. 

Guacamole is also a perfect partner for delicate white flesh fish, helping to pack additional vitamins and minerals to the plate. 

Finally, it’s a treat on fried eggs, and it can replace the need for high sugar sauces such as ketchup. 

The keep-it-in-a-jar pickles

Fermented food can be good for your health. It boosts gut health and can protect your metabolism and immune system. Besides, fermented food is high in flavors, so it’s a great go-to ingredient. 

The process of fermenting can require patience. However, preparing the jar is only a matter of a few minutes. Take a look at this yummy vegetable pickle recipe, ideally for lunchboxes.

You can use pickled vegetables as part of a regular lunchbox for work and travel. But otherwise, it’s the perfect addition to a quick table bbq grill meal, where everyone can cook their meat and vegetables. Adding some fresh pickles will help cleanse your palate. It also adds moisture to grilled meat.

The fiery and sweet Kimchi jar

Kimchi, the authentic fermented Korean flavor, can completely transform your life in the kitchen. As with all fermented food, this fermented cabbage recipe takes time. However, the preparation is quick and easy. It’s fair to say, as well, that Koreans also use other vegetables in their kimchi. But cabbage is the most common recipe. 

For something comforting, kimchi stew needs a few minutes and only a handful of ingredients. It will bring a yummy, spicy, and nutritious bowl of deliciousness to the table. Once cooked, kimchi develops a sweet flavor, so even the most sensitive palates will enjoy it. 

You can also find pre-made kimchi in most Asian grocery stores. It’s a good idea to always have a container in your fridge. It’s so versatile!

Are you ready to transform the dull family meal into a quick, yummy, healthy treat? For all the days you don’t want to spend a long time in the kitchen, these quick pick-me-up ideas can elevate your meals. I hope these ideas for fast, healthy meals will help you do just that.

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