What Costs Should You Expect When Bringing a Pet into Your Home?

Bringing a new pet into your home is a wholesome and loving experience. No matter if you’re bringing in a dog or cat, or even just a hamster as a first pet, it can be a great decision.

costs associated with a new pet

Yet it’s also important to note that sometimes, pets can be quite expensive to bring home, perhaps more so than we were expecting. At the very least, budgeting in the right way can help us prepare for those unforeseen costs, as well as the standard expenditures most pet owners have to deal with.

For a first-time pet owner, or when bringing a new animal into your home, it’s good to lay out the categories of expenditures you’re most likely going to see. This can help you take the sting out of unforeseen costs.

In this post, you’ll find some general advice. However, due to the great degree of pets and little creatures you could bring into your home, not all advice will apply to all animals.

Reliable & Trustworthy Supplier

Of course, the first expenditures come when sourcing and acquiring the pet to begin with. My opinion is that the best option for acquiring a dog or cat is adoption. There are so many animals available who need someone to adopt them and love them.

If you choose to purchase a dog or cat, though, It’s always best to pay that little bit more to ensure you’re purchasing a pet that has been treated well, and from a reputable source. For instance, opting for a fully licensed dog breeder for a given pedigree breed is much better than simply answering a locally listed advertisement. Always go in person and view the animal’s current home and living conditions.

Medical Costs & Vaccinations

To piggyback off a point we had alluded to above, often, appropriate breeders will be able to show you a list of vaccinations and accredited medical work the pet may have had in order to gain a good level of health.

Alternatively, you may want to bring them to your veterinarian for the necessary vaccinations, instead. Note that depending on the pet you have, you may also need to neuter or spay your pet when they reach a certain age. These decisions might mean additional costs to you.

Of course, sometimes, procedures are optional but can provide some value. Some prefer to have their dogs microchipped, for instance, which brings up essential information about the dog when a veterinarian scans it. This can help if your dog ever goes missing and a well-meaning person brings them to the vet.

Finally, it’s important to know the medical pitfalls that come with certain breeds or animals you acquire. For instance, this page showcases the joint health problems that certain breeds like labradors can suffer with. Flat-faced dogs have often been bred to the point where breathing comfortably is hard for them to do, and so exercise can be tricky for them. Knowing this will help you understand your breed’s potential health concerns and potential costs.

Making A House A Pet Home

Some cold-blooded pets may require a tank with UV light. Of course, fluffy animals tend to require comforting, warm environments, be that a dog or cat bed, bowls for water and food, and other expenses like security gates at the top and bottom of the stairs so your little puppy doesn’t get hurt clambering up and down them.

Cats may seem quite independent, but often cat towers and other toys can help them better release their hunting and clawing instincts readily, which stops them from pouncing on you or your leather sofas. Other costs, such as investing in carpet cleaning tools if your puppy has an accident, are just par for the course.

Training Where Appropriate

It’s not only dogs that can be trained; rabbits, ferrets, rats and even guinea pigs can be trained also. However, it’s most likely only dogs that will require the cost and services of a trainer. Dogs can be taught to take commands and perform tricks, yes, but training is so much more than that, so training is very much worth the additional cost.

Training can also help socialize with other dogs, which means they’ll be so much less reactive when walking in the park and coming across dogs they don’t recognize. This can help their disposition greatly, and the practice is worth its weight in gold, so to speak.

Great Sustenance

You don’t have to provide your pet with amazingly curated food from a live-in chef, but taking a careful approach to buying reliable brands designed for your pet can be important. This may mean purchasing both wet and biscuit-like dog or cat food to ensure they gain all of the nutrients they need.

Your pet might also require certain treats from time to time, perhaps to help continue training your dog, or in some cases to help clean their teeth, as some treat ‘sticks’ have been designed to do. 

Care & Accommodation

It’s important to make sure your pet has somewhere to stay when you are away for a time on vacation or unexpectedly. In those cases, you might be bringing your cat to a trusted relative or friend, or taking your dog to a trusted local kennel.

In some cases, such as when hosting a pet in a great tank in your home, paying a neighbor or friend to come over and check on it and to top up their food levels is key. While that neighbor may not ask for a particular wage, a bottle of wine or a treat can be nice compensation. Sometimes, just paying the fee to bring your dog along with you is an option, too.

I hope this article will help you move forward with confidence and more easily make the decision to bring a new pet home.

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