Creative Ideas for Your Future Retirement House

There’s something special about renovating and decorating a home you intend to stay in for most of your retirement. This is where the full force of our creative experience, our free time, and our willingness to shape our homes are expressed in our decision-making. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy all of your fun personality quirks, too!

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This might mean that you finally perfect that exterior cooking space, for welcoming friends and enjoying a meal. It may simply be that you hope to care for a brood of chickens, and collect fresh eggs for your morning breakfast.

No matter your intentions, starting the ball rolling with some wonderful inspirational elements can be a great place to start. Here are a few ideas.

Comfortable Outside Reading Area

Sure, we all know about indoor reading nooks. It’s a great suggestion for retirement properties. But what if you had this reading nook outside, especially in the warmer weather? An inviting outdoor reading space would be a relaxing refuge. By implementing a cozy, shaded shelter with deep cushioned seating using boucle fabric cushion covers, you can relax in the best way. 

Add a side table for setting down drinks and snacks, or even storing a couple of books. If you want to relax further, lay down an outdoor rug to ground the space, and install good lighting so you can keep reading long after dusk.

Hobby & Craft Room

Retirement is a great time for creativity and hobbies that enrich you from day to day. A craft room is a good way to do that. Converting a spare bedroom into a craft studio or workshop lets you keep all those supplies and tools in one inspired place. 

Here your walls might get covered with inspiration boards, cherished knick-knacks, motivational quotes – whatever sparks your creativity. Helpful storage solutions and good lighting will make the space ultra-functional too.

Vegetable Or Herb Garden/Greenhouse

There’s nothing more satisfying than cultivating nature, and it also allows your home to become more sustainable. Curating an edible garden means you can enjoy the literal fruits of your labor. 

Raised beds make crop maintenance so much easier on the body. (Less bending down!) A simple greenhouse allows for year-round growing seasons and provides a nice space to work in the garden. Focus on herbs and veggies for all your cooking needs, or just decorate with vibrant floral beds. You can expand this gently over the years based on your interests.

I hope this article has given you some ideas to help you plan a wonderful space for you in retirement!

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  1. My husband and I know that one day shortly we will have to downsize and I like the idea of planning! I am conscious of minimizing some of my possessions in anticipation.

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