4 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Making the Most Out of Your Yard and Garden Space

Tell me if this sounds familiar? You have a lovely home with a gorgeous yard but find yourself spending very little time in it.

If that’s the case,  you’re missing out on one of the greatest features of your home. To tackle this problem, you need to understand the reasons why you’re not spending a lot of time in your yard. Here are some of the many possibilities.

Photo by Allan Mas from Pexels

No Shelter

First, it’s possible that your yard or garden doesn’t provide much shelter at all. If that’s the case, then you will be restricted in terms of when you can use it throughout the year. You can easily change this by adding a sheltered space. This can be a DIY job or you can call in a professional contractor to complete the work for you. They can ensure that the extra area for your home is seamless and beautiful. 

An area like this can even be heated. You’ll be able to sit outdoors through the coldest months of the year and remain completely comfortable. It’s a great way to combine the wonders of interior design with the health benefits of sitting outdoors.

A Lack Of Options

Perhaps your yard is nothing more than an empty space? It might look beautiful, but it may be lacking in terms of the available features and options worth exploring. If you have kids, you might consider adding a play area. Older kids can benefit from a larger piece of equipment like a trampoline. Alternatively, you could set up a meditation area, perfect for helping you to find your zen.

Pest Trouble

Another reason why you may not be getting out in the yard as often as you could be may be due to unwanted pests. In the height of summer you may have problems with swarms of insects in your garden causing you grief. 

You could also have problems with mosquitos. If you or your family are allergic to mosquito bites, you might be avoiding your outdoor spaces altogether. If this is the case you might want to call in a mosquito control company to help you eradicate the problem.

No Privacy

Finally, it’s possible that your yard or garden simply don’t provide the right level of privacy. This can easily be enough to put you off spending a lot of time outside. To combat this issue, consider adding screener trees to your garden. Screener trees grow quickly and have thick branches of leaves. So, they will ensure that people can’t peek into your yard. They can also provide some much needed shade on hot, summer days.

If you find that you’re not spending nearly as much time as you’d like out in your yard, then tackling these issues is the right move. It will ensure that you can totally embrace the alfresco lifestyle in the future and get more from your outside living space.

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