5 Apps to Help You Clean and Organize Your House

To get our homes looking spotless and organized, we can all use a solid cleaning and decluttering regime. It’s not always easy to keep on top of all of that, but these apps to help you clean and organize your home might help. 

I have not personally used these apps yet, but I’m intrigued by them and think they could add some much needed structure to many of our lives!  Be sure to check out the reviews and ratings for each in advance.

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1. Tody

With the Tody application, you can break down your household tasks so that they are easier to manage. It’s simple to share your cleaning plans across multiple devices, so your whole household can pitch in. The app has plenty of different chore suggestions and helps you to create customized lists. You can create separate lists, depending on the occasion. You might design a brief list for quick-cleaning, or a deep-cleaning list.

Whether it’s organizing your wardrobe or tackling unpleasant chores, the Tody app can help.

2. Our Home

Our Home helps users create a personalized set of chores for each person in the household. Tasks range from cleaning the bathroom to doing the laundry or feeding the dog. It’s a great application to help teach younger children about chores. With Our Home, you can create schedules and set reminders to suit you. You can even use the application to plan your grocery lists and your meals.

3. ClutterFree

With the help of the Clutterfree app, you can get tips and guidance from decluttering experts. The app offers you a personalized roadmap to declutter your house and improve your lifestyle. Users can track their progress, take part in challenges, and access special bonus plans.  A decluttered house is more peaceful, and the Clutterfree app might help bring that peace.

4. Clean My House App

Using the Clean My House app, you can create a schedule to get your home clean and organized. The simple to-do-list helps you stay on top of your cleaning regime. It’s easy to use  –  all you have to do is click the ‘+’ to add a brand new cleaning task. From here, you can input the name of the task, plus put the task into a category, to help you stay organized. Remember to give the tasks a due date, so you can stay on schedule. Choose to add the frequency of the task, plus a reminder if you need it. There’s even a timer.

The app can also be set to add general cleaning reminders, whether you want to remind yourself to hire Carpet Cleaners, or to take out the recycling.

5 . Chorma

Chorma is an app that is perfect for both families and roommates.  The application allows users to gain points by completing various chores around the home. Once your chores are completed, you can swap your points to get special rewards. With Chorma it’s easy to sync your application with your other devices, so you can also monitor chores on the go. If you’re looking to teach your children about chores and responsibility, Chorma is a great app to help you do that.

These apps could be a wonderful way to use technology to stay on top of home chores.  Have you tried any apps like these?

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  1. Oh that's fascinating! I think I like the idea of Our Home best. And for assigning roles to all these clowns in my house!

  2. Interesting! Never really thought about it, but I suppose there is an app for everything. Definitely nice to have to help get organized, and break down the task of cleaning, which can be overwhelming.


  3. Great options, I love getting things organized. But I am going to be app free, LOL. Seriously…ugh I'm having issues with phone stuff this week, eek… xo

  4. I’m looking for a way to take a picture of a space and then post it somewhere and get feedback on ways to best organize the space. Any suggestions??

    1. Hi Amanda, I’m sorry I just saw this comment! I’m afraid I don’t have suggestions for an app like that, but it does sound great!

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