5 Ways to Bring the Beauty of Butterflies Into Your Life

Do you love butterflies? If so, there are some ways you can bring the beauty of butterflies into your life every day, both inside and outside of your home.

I’ve always loved butterflies. At our previous home, we had a butterfly bush that attracted many butterflies during the summer. Our current home has no such bush, so it’s been on my to-do list to plant one. But, there are many other ways to enjoy butterflies!

Here are 5 ideas to bring butterfly beauty to the spaces around you.

butterfly on pink flowers

Decorate Your Pool

If you have a swimming pool, it will be the perfect backdrop to add Butterfly Mosaics. The beautiful wings will seem to move with each ripple of the water. Plus, the butterfly will add to the calm, serene nature of the pool itself.

Attract the Real Thing

Look at your USDA growing zone to determine whether or not butterfly-attracting plants will grow and thrive in your locale. If so, consider planting some that will bring butterflies to your yard and offer a bloom of color, as well. Some popular choices are echinacea and butterfly weed, but there are many.

Add Butterfly Decor

Butterflies are easy decor items to integrate into your current design scheme. You can add them as accents in one room or throughout your entire home. Try your hand at crafting a bunch of embroidered butterfly hanging decorations. They are easy to create and simple to store. You can add them to a spring decoration rotation or gift them for any holiday. The decorations look good attached to a gift tag or as the gift itself. They will even look lovely hanging on a flocked tree around the holidays.

Create Winged Beauty for Those You Love

There are many ways you can use your crafting skills to create gifts for the people in your life. From a handmade card for any holiday to a DIY canvas you can hang above a reading chair, crafting butterfly gifts is a unique and fun way to share your love of butterflies.

Watch this fun tutorial on how to make a butterfly-themed calligraphy card. You can tailor it to any holiday or event you choose.

Adorn With a Personal Touch

Maybe you’ve always wanted to do something special, just for yourself. Maybe no one else needs to know about it, as it is only for you. If so, consider a temporary or permanent tattoo of a butterfly. You choose the location on your body that best suits your comfort level. A small butterfly on the inside of your wrist is a popular choice. Butterflies are believed to represent beauty, transformation, and freedom. If that idea moves you, this might be a lovely way to bring beauty to your life.

Monarch butterflies on purple flowers

I hope you like these ideas and will try one of these to bring more butterfly whimsy into your life. Whether you make a permanent addition to your swimming pool with a butterfly mosaic or add a touch of art to your body, there is surely something fun you can do to decorate with these beautiful winged creatures.

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