A Woodsy Wedding in a Church – Sure! Choosing Wedding Invitations

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My daughter is engaged!  I’m not sure how that hilarious little ball-pit jumping, bead-tree growing, guinea-pig loving little girl grew up so fast. (In the same way I’m not sure how I got to an age when my joints crack so loudly sometimes they wake people up.)  But, here we are!
It’s exciting to think about her wedding, and we’re thrilled that she’ll be getting to play a real-life princess soon. She might be a princess in a simple wedding gown with a flower crown, though, instead of a ball gown and tiara. (One of the many ways we’re alike.)

She has the same ’70s fashion tastes that were my actual reality in the actual ’70s.  Sometimes, out of the blue, we’ll both start singing along to some random ’80s song at exactly the same moment.  Sometimes we want the fairy-tale, but at other times we’re no-nonsense and simple.

So I’m a little nervous about wedding planning, given how varied my daughter’s tastes can be, but I’m also learning that the planning is a big part of the fun.  Finding good resources helps keep the stress level down.

One of the best resources I’ve found is Basic Invite. The day I learned about it, I spent half my morning there.  It’s a site full of beautiful wedding invitations (and invitations for all kinds of  other life events.)   There are many options, and I like (need) options. (Over 900 wedding invitation sets)

I’m also learning (re-learning?) that wedding planning is full of changes. For instance, for the last several years, my daughter  has said that she wanted to get married “under a tree.”  Literally, “under a tree.”  So I thought she’d want an outdoor wedding. And, at first, she did.

But now she’s veering away from the tree idea, and has decided to get married in her fiance’s church instead.  I can pretty much anticipate some nod to the tree, though, so some woodsy wedding invitations might suit her.  Why not have a woodsy wedding in a church?  I like the idea!

She’s also leaning toward a soft pink, vintage color scheme, so this set fits perfectly. It’s all coordinated, even the wedding website. I love it.

My artistic side is enjoying it all. I haven’t been involved in any wedding planning since my own (30 years ago!)

In 1988, we didn’t have all of the wonderful visuals online. (We didn’t have anything online!)   I love that Basic Invite has so many color options to view and instant previews.

They have custom samples, free address collection service, and even seal and send wedding invitation options.  Also, customizable wedding websites that are super easy and mobile friendly.  So it’s simple and not stressful at all.

Do you have an upcoming wedding in your life?  (Or a birthday, shower, baptism, etc., etc.?)  I wish you stress-free planning!

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  1. That wedding photo from you is such a gem! And oh my – congrats! We had a very woodsy wedding up in Vermont and found a perfect invitation. It's super important!

    1. The photo from our wedding day is my husband's favorite! My dad took it, and we like it better than most of the ones the photographer took. (I think because it was after the wedding, and we were so relaxed!) Thanks for the congrats also!

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