How to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Cozy Home

Have you ever wondered how to add some luxury to your home?

Let’s say you love your home; it’s warm and cozy, and, for the most part, it’s just the kind of place you want to be every day. It’s got everything you want and need, and it’s your own creative space to do whatever you want with.

And yet, even a cozy home can start to feel a little stale, and you might want to add a little more glitz and glamour to it.  Just a little touch of luxury, here and there, for comfort and appeal.

Don’t worry, it’s actually quite easy to do this.  To add just a touch of luxury to your home, you don’t have to go wild with any renovation projects.  With a few small changes here and there, you’ll feel like you’re living in an upgraded, more comfortable and elegant space.

Here are some budget friendly changes that’ll certainly give your cozy home a fresh and luxurious feel.

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Make Good Use of Upholstering

Upholstering is a good way to make old furniture look new and usable again, but it’s also a good way to add a touch of luxury to your space, without breaking the bank or going over the top. Choose your fabric right, choose your purpose, and then get to know the ins and outs of upholstery if you want to try it yourself – it’s not as hard as you might think!

Remember, when you’re trying to pick out a luxurious fabric, make sure it comes in both the right color and the right texture. Something crushed velvet, for example, is going to go a long way in giving your living space an expensive facelift. People sometimes tend to favor ‘dusty’ colors for luxury upholstering as well, but if it’s a neutral toned color, it’ll work just fine too.  There is really no right or wrong; just choose a fabric that conveys luxury to you.

Install a Lighting Statement Piece

Statement pieces are common in luxury interiors, and usually, they act as a centerpiece of a room. But as most homes probably don’t have space for an indoor fountain or a huge three piece sofa set, you’re going to have to think a little more creatively here. Indeed, it can be best to drape your luxury statement piece from the ceiling.

Installing some luxury lighting features, like a Murano Glass Chandelier means you’ll have light bouncing all over your walls, usually in different colors, leaving your space covered in a rainbow. Now that’s luxurious!

Repaint Your Walls

As it turns out, even just adding a new coat of paint to your walls is a luxury home upgrade. If you’re someone who likes living with bright and bold wallpaper, or you’re a huge fan of pastel pinks and blues in the living room, buying a more neutral color to put up instead will instantly transform your home into something much more sleek and modern. Something light grey or an off-white are two popular hues here, but as long as there’s a neutral base, your room will look spectacularly luxurious.

Your home is cozy and comfy, but could it be luxurious as well? Of course it could!  

Do you have some ideas for adding quick luxury to your home?

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  1. Repainting the walls in my home is on my list – a bright, light gray. I know it's going to just brighten it up, and make it more fresh and crisp and I can't wait!

    Aside from upholstering, I bought some new matching covers for my sofa and recliner off Amazon to give them a new look and so they match. They aren't great, but a good, easy alternative for now.


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