A Hello Kitty Cupcake Cake

In a previous post, I shared about some cakes I decorated back in the day, so I thought I’d show you this Hello Kitty cake that my niece made this past weekend for her daughter’s birthday party.

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How to Make a Hello Kitty Cake from Cupcakes:

It’s cupcakes that were assembled into the Hello Kitty shape. My niece then iced over the whole thing. What a great idea!  No need to cut the “cake” either – just pull off the cupcakes. (Please don’t ask me how many cupcakes I ate at the party, by the way.)

Hello Kitty cupcake cake

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  1. I love picmonkey as well! It's so awesome that your cat's name is Lucy 🙂 That's my name. Loved that Hello Kitty cake as well. Hope your're having a wonderful day!

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