A Handmade Father’s Day Gift (Fun Craft for Kids)

My husband helped me clean our bedroom closet over the weekend, because he’s sweet like that. He didn’t know what he was in for. (He does have a lot of boxes of stuff in there.) 

Handmade father's day gift from an Altoids tin

The closet is now spotless and fresh, and during that adventure, I unearthed some fun treasures – old photos that had never been transferred to photo albums (the proverbial “pictures stuffed in a shoebox, from our film camera days. Well, in photoboxes.  At least the pictures are stored chronologically.)  A red dress from 20 years ago that I couldn’t bear to part with and that my daughter has now claimed for her own. (It’s her size now, not mine.)  

I also found some cute little projects that our kids had made when they were little (even before Pinterest fed our creative souls.)  Like this little mint tin turned Father’s Day “card” that my daughter made years ago.

I thought maybe someone out there might want to make this cute thing with their own little daddy’s girl or boy.

It’s just a little accordian folded strip of cardstock glued to the inside bottom of an Altoids tin, with the Dad rectangle glued to the other end of the strip. It kind of wiggles when the box is opened, which is what makes it fun.  

My husband always melted at these gifts, because they represented effort and love.  He and I have abandoned some of our packrat ways, choosing to live more simply and less cluttered with stuff,  but little treasures like this one aren’t going anywhere.

Have a great weekend everyone. (No more closet cleaning for me – at least not his weekend!


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  1. OH, how nice to see you here! Photo editing is so hard for me but I find that every so often I make a big leap or have a lightbulb moment and it lasts. I just have to make sure it happens periodically!

  2. Thank you, Tamara! It's really nice to be back. I have found that I like photo editing much better now that I'm using Lightroom. Your photos are so beautiful–you must get it really right in camera, because they always look beautifully edited to me!

  3. Pam,
    So pleased to meet you!! Thanks so much for your visit!! I do try to keep my blogs ( I have a Christmas one too) as personal as I can. I do love blogging because of all the wonderful people from all over that I have met.
    My Hubby is looking to retire in 2-3 years when he hits 62 y/o. I am only 56 now so I have a ways to go but hope be able to go part time in the beginning of 2016.
    I am now following you!!


  4. very cute!! My kids would love to make this. Thanks for linking up to Create Link Inspire! You are featured this weekend at my round up of last minute Father's Day gifts… hop on over and check it out. I've spread the word all over social media… would love a reshare, tweet or pin ;o) Thanks, Emily

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