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Capture Memories of Childhood Places

children's area at the library

Our neighborhood library closed a few weeks ago. It made me sad.

No worries, the brand new one that was built to replace it is huge, light-filled, and amazing. But, the library that closed was the library of my children’s childhood, so our last visit there before it closed was a bit sad.  Even a little teary.

My 21 year old daughter and I share a sort of giddy excitement over libraries. (I am a reading tutor, you know!) We’re both admitted nerds, and it’s fun to have this similarity with her.   My daughter has been home from college for her Christmas break, and during the break, the library closed.

At our final visit, we decided to remember the library with pictures. (Low quality phone pictures, yes. But that isn’t what matters here.  As a photography teacher once told me, “Some photos are works of art, but others are simply to capture a memory.”) We should take more pictures of everyday places.

I’ve often wished I had taken a picture or two of more of my kids’ favorite places.  Many of those places are now long gone.  (So if your kids are still little, you can benefit from this mild regret of mine, and do that now!)

Do you have photos of childhood places (either yours or your children’s?)   What are your favorites?

Capturing Memories of Childhood Places
teen area at the library
This is the place where the huge globe used to be. My daughter would run to it as a toddler, each time we arrived.

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  1. Oh no! So sad. I'd cry so hard if my childhood library closed. I visited it once as an adult and it was the strangest.
    Your daughter is gorgeous and I love her hair.

    1. Yes, I was a little surprised at how sad I felt! We were hardly able to leave that day. (And I love my daughter's amazing hair too!)

  2. Hi there, Pam. I can imagine how you and your daughter feel about the closing – we would feel the same way. Places where we create memories with our kids become so special, don't they! I like your advice to take pictures. And I never thought about distinguishing art and memories with our photography. That rings with me! I needed to read that. 🙂 And I agree with Tamera, your daughter is beautiful and looks so sweet. It's always great to visit with you! Hope you and your family are having a good 2016!

    1. Hi Mrs. Smith! Thank you for the sweet comments. At first I thought it was a little odd of me to write about saying goodbye to the library, but then I realized someone might benefit from that nudge to take pictures of special places. It's so great to visit with you too! Hugs to you, and I hope you are having a good 2016 also!

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