Christmas Gift Ideas: Art/Craft, Journaling, Home, and Pets

I can always use more Christmas gift ideas, so I love seeing the Christmas gift guides all around right now. I love making my own, too.  Come get some ideas for your holiday shopping – some things for the home, for pets, and for art, craft, and pen/journaling lover, too. We can all use more gift ideas, can’t we?

Above is one of my favorite photos of my daughter with Sunny (several years ago already!), and no, I didn’t bake those cookies – they were bought at the grocery store. It’s o.k. to do that – go ahead.)

I hope you enjoy my gift guide. Some of these are items I have purchased and loved, and some of them are on my wish list. I like to suggest things that I have either bought myself or that have good reviews and I can feel good about recommending. Of course, you can DIY your gifts, too!

I have them categorized under different headings, so keep scrolling down for ideas (art, journaling, home, pets, etc.)

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Gift Ideas for the Home

These little sauce dishes are so cute. I’ve given them as gifts to a couple of family members, and they loved them. Perfect little dishes for your sauces, condiments, etc.  My niece puts her tea bag in one after she makes her tea, and it’s perfect for that. They’re tiny and adorable.

Ok, this one might seem a little weird to give as a gift, but I bet the recipient will love it, if you do. I recently got this wedge pillow to help with some health issues I have, but since I’ve gotten it, I’ve been raving to my family members that everyone should have one. It’s so comfortable and useful!  I flip it one direction to sleep, and another direction to watch tv, read, etc.

I’ve had this digital piano keyboard on my wish list for a while now. It has a full 88 keys, and the keys are semi-weighted, so the touch feels more like an acoustic piano than some other electronic ones do. I took piano lessons for several years when I was young, and I’ve neglected that part of life for a while. It’s kind of like riding a bike-you never really forget how. This one looks good for beginners, too, as it has interactive piano lessons included.

I recently bought this hand mixer and used it for the first time on Thanksgiving. It had been so long since I had bought one, and this one is so much nicer than the one I had. I love the look of it, such a pretty red, and it’s powerful and stores easily. I also loved how it didn’t tip over easily when I leaned the beaters on the bowl!

Gift Ideas for Pets

I had this bed on my gift ideas guide for pets last year, and I’m adding it to this one again. That’s how much our Sunny loves this bed!  It’s so cushiony and soft. The small size is perfect for her (she weighs just under 6 pounds), but they have other sizes available.

Sunny needed another sweater, so we got her this super cute, warm one. It’s soft and comfortable for her. We got her two sizes, both the 08 and the 10, because we weren’t sure which one to get.(She often falls just between and XS and a S and weighs just under 6 pounds.) The 10 (S) is just slightly too big for her, although it will do, but the 08 (XS) is perfect. There are lots of colors available. Pretty stylish!

This photo isn’t Sunny, but it does look like her in her younger days!

Our Sunny was never a big fan of toys – she was a breeder dog in a puppy mill when she was rescued, and she never really picked up on the idea of toys… But sometimes we like to snuggle one by her. She does like anything soft and plush. (And, once, when she was young, she thought a vacuum attachment that had a soft brush on it was one of her babies and kept putting it in her bed with her.)  Anywaythese little sqeaky plush toys  are cute and don’t have any stuffing. 

We had our Lucy kitty (an amazingly smart and beautiful Siamese) for just under 18 years. She loved playing with a plastic spider that we would throw (“Spidey”) or jumping after a string that we would wave around. We didn’t really have to buy her many toys, but we always made sure she had a couple of these scratching boxes. She loved them, and they really saved our furniture. 

Gifts for Art and Craft, Journaling and Stationery

This is the rolling storage drawer unit that I have in my craft room. It fits under my work table, and I love it. I’ve used mine for years, and this is the current model of it. 

Derwent Watercolur Pencils are wonderful for artistic flexibility. You can get watercolor effects so many ways with these pencils. I love them, and I have the 24 color set. They make a great gift for anyone who loves the look of watercolor in their art projects and journals.

This Sakura Pigma Micron Pen Set has been on my wishlist for a while. I have plenty of fineliners already,  but these are some of the best – archival and consistent, so they’re great for any kind of journaling or drawing.

This Antiquarian Sticker book, with Victorian stickers appeals to me so much. It’s not like I need any more stickers!  These are just so beautiful and unusual, and they’re in this cool book. I can see them in my journals.

I hope you enjoyed my list as much as I enjoyed making it. Happy shopping!

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    1. A hand mixer is one of those things that I didn't realize how badly I was missing. When my old one broke, I just did without one for quite a while, and then after I bought the one in the post, I was so mad at myself for waiting so long to buy it! I bought the little cat sauce dishes for both my sister and niece, and they loved them.

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