Entertaining Guests Outdoors? Three Things You Need to Know

If you have spent much of the past year socializing online, you aren’t alone. Now that the world is slowly reopening, allowing people to socialize in person, it can be almost nerve-wracking to put yourself back out there in face to face gatherings.

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One way that many people are celebrating the lighter restrictions is by having people over for food, drinks, and and catch-ups. However, we still need to be careful, which is why most people are hosting these get-togethers outdoors in their yards and gardens.

Entertaining outdoors requires some forethought – and in this post, we will talk about three things to consider for outdoor entertaining! Let’s get started.

It might be colder than you think.

While we all have an image of an idyllic spring or summer evening with friends, reclining in strappy dresses and light shirts, in reality, it could be chilly when the sun goes down. Make sure you tell your pals to bring a layer to wear as the evening gets colder.

You could even go one step further by digging out some soft blankets from your cupboards, and providing them for your friends to snuggle up in! This is a cute idea that people will love and will save them from the goose-flesh fate that is commonly met on cool summer evenings.

You should protect your guests from pesky bugs.

One other aspect of al-fresco dining during spring and summer nights is insects. Mosquitoes and other flies are likely to be buzzing around, making your guests vulnerable to bites and irritation.

To prevent bugs from interrupting your otherwise lovely evening, you can invest in a few tools to ensure a successful firewall between you and the bugs! These include:

Citronella candles – Citronella is a substance that flies and mosquitoes hate and generally keeps them at bay while you are outdoors. You can find citronella candles online which smell delightful and can be added to your table for a cute aesthetic too.

Bug Zappers – Plug-in bug zappers attract mosquitoes and flies with light and warmth, then zap them when they land.


Food should be simple and accessible.

You will also need to consider the type of food you will be serving. Will it be accessible and easy to eat outdoors?  Food that is bite size and not too fancy is fun to eat outdoors. 

Alternatively, if the weather is warm, you could make something wholesome and delicious, such as this gazpacho soup recipe that’ll satisfy any guest. A cold soup is lovely on a warm evening, and you can serve soup with a side of cheese and bread for an extra-luxurious dinner.

If you are thinking of inviting friends for some al fresco dining and drinks, I hope this post will help you host a lovely event with no hassle.  Keep bugs away, serve delicious food, and keep comfortable using this advice!

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