Happy Thanksgiving 2020

While this Thanksgiving may be much different than any we’ve had before, I hope you enjoy your day.  The TFT link party will be back next Thursday. 

Just for fun, here’s one of my Thanksgiving days in the ’70s.  I’m in the red shirt back by the plant, with my sisters on each side of me. My parents aren’t in this photo. (My dad would have been taking the picture, and my mom would have been in the process of bringing out more food!)

Thanksgiving memories

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. That is so fun to reminisce. I have a photo of me with my siblings from Thanksgiving several years ago (hard to get us all together at one time), and I look at it every year. Always makes me smile. Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. I love looking back at the old Thanksgiving pictures, too, Alexandra. At the time, I think I took it for granted when we would all get together. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Beautiful then and beautiful now! You don't look old enough now to have been that age in the 70s!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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