How to Keep Your Kids Occupied During Summer Vacation and Holidays

When children have time off school, during the summer or the holidays, you may worry about how to keep them occupied. They’ll be at home from morning to night, with time that needs to be filled happily and productively. Almost every parent, at some point, looks for ways to keep kids occupied.

How to keep your kids occupied during summer vacation and holidays

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Here are some ideas that might help.

Spend Time in the Kitchen Together

Whether it’s the holidays or not, you will always spend some time in the kitchen to prep meals and eat. When summer vacation and  holidays come around, you can keep your children entertained by getting them involved with the cooking, too.

Ask them for their menu ideas, so that they feel involved.  They’ll be likely to try different foods that way, too.Teach them how to cook simple things like eggs, how to bake a cake, or meal prep. They’ll develop skills and be entertained at the same time. Cooking together is great quality time.

Creative Classes

Most children and adults love being creative in some way. Whether you like to sing, dance, paint or write, you could attend creative craft activity classes together. Or, your kids could attend the classes while you get more things done at home.

There are plenty of classes available year-round. The entire family will unlock their creativity and have some fun.

Garden Fun

Make sure your kids have plenty to do out in the yard or garden.

Consider adding a play area. Or, to spend time in the garden together you could create a vegetable patch and grow your own produce. You will be able to teach them harvesting skills and enjoy the produce together when it’s ready.

Further Education

Just because it’s the holidays does not mean that education has to stop. Instead of making it dull and school-like, try to find fun educational games and activities. Focusing on subjects that everyone loves will make it feel less like lessons and more like fun.

Do you have a budding writer at home?  You can find free writing worksheets online at These can help your child improve writing skills and become a better writer. 

Have a Garage Sale

A garage sale is a great way to declutter the house, make some extra money, and keep the entire family busy.

Challenge everyone in the house to collect a certain number of possessions that they are happy to sell. If you set the number high, it will occupy more time, earn you more money, and give the house a deeper declutter.

On garage sale day, everyone can be involved. It’s fun for kids and can improve their social skills and help them feel more confident.

Have a Chill Day

Being occupied does not necessarily mean that you have to get out and do stuff. Instead, you could have a chill day and watch movies. The entire family will probably need it, especially if you have been busy with work and activities.

Allow each family member to help choose the movie, get snacks, and make the living room cozy. It’s a great idea for a rainy day and will ensure that you all get quality time together.

Create a Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a fun activity to pass the time. If you make it difficult enough, the children could spend hours finding it all, which means more time for you to get things done.

Children will feel proud as they find each piece of the “treasure.”

Most of all, enjoy your time together.

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  1. Love these. Our grandchildren are spending most of their school break in their pool. But it's been so incredibly hot here, they still need ideas for the hours when the heat is just to much even when they have a pool. xo

    1. Thanks, Katherine. The pool is a great place to be. I've always wished I had spent more time in the kitchen, making food with my kids when they were litte. But, that can be pretty hot sometimes! xo

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