How to Take Better Holiday Photos: Some Tips

During the holidays, we tend to take even more photos than usual, don’t we? The magical quality of the lights and the smiles as we enjoy it all provide some of our most cherished shots. Have you ever wondered how to take better holiday photos and how to capture the best moments of the holidays?

holiday photos

There are some simple things we can do to improve our holiday photos. Here are just a few.

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Take Pictures at Different Angles

Changing your angle from the expected will often make a photo much more interesting. To show the height of your Christmas tree, take it from low on the ground, shooting up. Get right at eye level with your youngest subjects. Shoot the Christmas cookies (or a Christmas cutie) from above.

christmas portrait
Christmas cookies
Christmas ornaments

Don’t Forget the Pets

Our pets are part of the family, so be sure to include them in your holiday photos.

christmas portrait with dog

Get Close Ups of Special Gifts and Special Items on the Tree

Get some closeups of special ornaments and gifts, too. Place special ornaments close to the lights on the tree, to get a sparkling shot.

christmas ornaments on the tree
Christmas mug

Turn off Your Flash

The beautiful quality of the light during the holidays can be destroyed by flash. Night photos can be more difficult. Shoot near lamps, raise your ISO, open your aperture to the widest setting, and/or utilize a “fast” lens, if you have a digital camera. If nothing else, stabilize your camera on a table or use a tripod, to keep blur to a minimum. Getting to know your camera or phone camera a little bit will help.

If you must use flash, though, consider an external speedlight that fits into your digital camera’s hot shoe. That kind of flash can be bounced, for more natural looking photos.

Christmas still life photo

Take Food Photos Before Digging In

This is often forgotten, but be sure to get food photos before everyone starts eating. So much work goes into these wonderful meals, so show the food in all its glory!

The digging in photos can be fun, too, though!

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