How to use a Laser Level for Calligraphy

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I’ve written here at the blog before about how much I love using a light box (light pad) for calligraphy. A light box is one of my favorite tools. When used with guidelines, a light box ensures straight and consistent lettering, without having to draw lines.

But, suppose you just want to address an envelope in informal calligraphy or quickly add a title to a journal or scrapbook page, without drawing lines or using a light box. There’s another quick solution – a laser level.

A laser level shoots out a straight line of light, which means you don’t have to draw lines on your envelope or paper.

laser level for calligraphy

If you place your envelope or paper on top of some guidelines that extend out from each side, you can just line up the laser light with the guideline, and you will get a straight line, quickly and easily. (In these photos, I have just used the lines on my cutting mat! This mat is similar to, but not exactly the same one as mine.) You then just write on the line of light, just as you would a pencil line. (You can even eyeball it, without using any guidelines under the envelope, if you’re good at that.)

how to use a laser level for calligraphy and lettering

Unlike a light box or pencil guidelines, a laser level won’t help you keep your letter heights consistent, but if you’ve been doing calligraphy for a while and/or you aren’t that concerned about that (as with less formal calligraphy), it’s a great option.

A laser level comes in handy when you need straight lines for any kind of lettering or craft.

how to use a laser level to get straight lines for calligraphy and lettering

I’ve found my laser level to be a quick and easy way to get straight lines, without having to draw them. There are several different brands that basically do the same thing. The one shown is the one I have.

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