Is it Time for a Digital Detox?

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Digital technology dominates our everyday lives. In fact, on average, we spend more of our waking hours staring at a screen than we do interacting with the real world.

Technology has improved our lives in many ways, but it has also brought us new stresses, addictions and health problems. If you feel like social media has been getting you down, or you’ve been suffering headaches as a result of eye strain, it could be time to take a technology break.  Below are just a few ways to undertake a digital detox.

Turn Off the Wi-Fi for a Week

A week without the internet could be just what is needed to stop you scrolling through Facebook for hours and to prevent the kids spending all night on video games. It could encourage you all to try new things and bring the family together. 


Put Up Your Devices

Another option is to put away all your devices for the week. This could include phones, tablets, laptops and even your TV.  Just putting them somewhere less convenient might help lessen the need to check your device constantly and help you realize just how much time you usually spend in front of a screen.

Embrace Paper Puzzles and Board Games

When it comes to finding things to do, embrace a few old school games and puzzles.  The  puzzles at PennyDell Puzzles are fun alternatives to puzzle apps, giving you a break from screen time. Board games can be a fun alternative to video games. Try getting the whole family involved.

Go on a Book Marathon

Instead of watching TV, why not have a week or a month long book reading marathon?  Challenge yourself  and your family to get through as many books as you can in a certain time frame. Buy some new books, or check them out at your library.

Be More Active

Physical activity is a great way to lessen screen time.  If you live a sedentary lifestyle, it could also be just the stimulus you need to start being more fit and healthy. There are so many ways to be active;  long walks, bike ride, and swimming are just a few.  Plan lots of active family days out so that you can all benefit. This post at Parents offers a few ideas for active family days out. 

Escape to a Rustic Retreat

If there are too many temptations at home, and you are fortunate to have the time, consider planning a rustic retreat somewhere. Try looking for a lodge or a chalet that doesn’t have wi-fi or a TV. You could also plan to leave your devices at home (if this is too much, take one device – but keep it for calls only.)  Camping is another way to plan a rustic retreat, providing a break from technology and modern luxuries. You won’t be able to charge your devices when camping (unless you bring a portable charger), making it an even better excuse to leave them behind.

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  1. A digital detox is such a good idea now and then. I love some of the ideas that you've shared for doing so. My kids are both little, and we limit their screen time pretty strictly. I know that it will become more difficult as they get older, though, so I like these ideas for taking a break once in awhile. Thanks for sharing!

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