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My kids had plenty of electronic toys as they were growing up, so I’m not going to say we didn’t benefit from them or that we didn’t have fun with technology. We actually loved it.  Both of my kids learned to read easily, partly because of the Reading Blaster PC software. (Do they still make that?)  And a toy called My First Sony was a primitive electronic drawing toy for the T.V. that my son loved.

I have to say, though, that the simple toys–the building toys, easels, puzzles, wooden trains— have always been my favorites. (Well, and books–but I guess those aren’t really toys.)

We loved our easel, and it had a prominent place in the kitchen. Here’s my daughter at three years old.  She was so proud of her lion drawing and had to pretend to be the lion drawing.

 (The pictures in this post are old ones, scanned from film prints.)

When my son was little, I discovered that you can actually draw with an Etch-A-Sketch. (My own Etch-A-Sketch drawings as a child were straight lines and boxes. And squiggly lines that went nowhere…)  This baseball player is the only sketch I can ever remember doing on an Etch-A-Sketch.  That’s Tony LaRussa on the screen (for any baseball fans out there.)  It made my son happy. (And that made me happy.)

There seems to be a drawing theme throughout much of our play. Which reminds me of the time my son was three and asked me if he could draw on the little parsons table in his room. “Sure,” I said, thinking he was going to draw on a piece of paper on the table.  My expression was pure shock when I walked into his room and saw the tiny table covered with crayon drawings.  He popped out with,  “But you said I could draw on the table!” Yep, I guess I did.

I wish I had a picture of the many Dixie cup creations that once covered the basement floor.  My son and daughter would stack Dixie cups into towers and forts and castles.  I do have pictures of another favorite toy, the building bricks.  (Check out my husband’s “lawn mowing shirt.”  It kind of looks cute with the hardhat though, doesn’t it?)

Many, many puzzles…

Thanks for visiting my playtime memories. (We still like to play together and now that there’s some sunshine again (thank goodness), we’re  usually in the back playing catch or wiffle-ball,  taking pictures, making something, or walking the dog.)

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

George Bernard Shaw

Enjoy your time together.

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  1. What great memories and photos! I'm impressed with your baseball player; but come on, that lion picture is too cute 🙂

  2. Too funny. This is the second post that referenced baseball! I used to have an Etch-A-Sketch too as a child and didn't make anything as spectacular as your picture!

    Yes, our kids played with cardboard boxes, couch cushions and plastic containers. Those were the days…

  3. Your pic on the Etch a Sketch is amazing!!! My kids used to love cardboard boxes and they would make tons of forts with the couch cushions! Those were the days weren't they?! Now they're older but the cats play with the cardboard boxes. Who needs toys?!

  4. I love the memories and the photos… etch a sketch was always my favorite but I could never make anything but a square or a terrible circle. Your drawing is quite impressive!!! I am also a lover of puzzles. I even have a new one that I can't wait to get into!!
    Have a beautiful day!!!

  5. Oh, my! Those photos are priceless. And your son's hair! My son's hair is getting there. He's nine months old and it's thickening. I love their wooden toys and blocks best. My older one is three right now and she's definitely in a Disney Princess phase BIG TIME, but it's still nice to see her use her imagination so freely.

  6. Great pictures Pam, and good memories as well as ideas for kids today. I love the new look of your blog. Thanks for sharing this. ~ Abby

  7. Awe!! Your kids were so cute!! Now how on earth did you do that on an etch-a-sketch?! Very impressive!! I love classic toys. I just went to a baby shower this weekend and the theme was vintage toys. They found all sorts of adorable old toys to decorate with at antique shops and flea markets. It was so cute! There is something so charming about old things, isn't it?

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