More Ways to Keep Cool this Summer without A/C

Air conditioning can completely transform your home and your comfort in summer. But not everyone has an A/C system, and/or not everyone wants it to run nonstop. So, it’s important to make the most of your household to keep the temperature down.

It may only be May right now, but in a few weeks’ time, the summer heat will be roasting our yards and gardens and hitting our roofs with a vengeance. So now’s the best time to prepare your home insulation and invest in blackout curtains to keep the heat out (as I mentioned in my previous post!)

If you’re looking for even more tips to reduce the heat this summer, this article is for you.

Reduce cooking time and effort

Ultimately, using your oven or your cooktop increases the temperature inside your home. While it can make your house cozier in winter, it creates discomfort in summer. So, to keep your temperature under control, you’ll want to focus on simple recipes in the kitchen. Quick meals that don’t require multiple appliances, such as this one pot recipe for taco spaghetti, can be a life saver. You can also prepare cold dishes such as sushi or salads that don’t require any heat at all. 

Have more houseplants

Houseplants are an affordable and eco-friendly way to cool down your home. Indeed, plants sweat, aka they release water through their leaves. Once the sweat evaporates, it has a cooling effect, not only on the plant but also on its surroundings. So, adding some plants with high water content can help bring the temperature down in the hottest part of your home. Snake plants, rubber plants, and Chinese evergreens are some of the best choices for your interior. They have a high transpiration rate, meaning they can cool down the air faster than other plants. 

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Use natural ventilation

Let the cool evening air refresh your home. As a rule of thumb, renewing the air inside your home can help make it more energy efficient throughout the year.

In summer, renewing the air brings freshness and coolness, as the indoor air has been essentially “cooked” all day. You can also increase the temperature drop by adding a fan with a bowl of fresh water next to the window, so you can push cooler air inside the room. 

Change your bedding

Beds get hot in summer. So, you want to keep yourself cool with fabric that doesn’t trap sweat and will help cool you down. Natural fibers such as cotton or linen are a good idea for summer bedding, and they can help regulate your body temperature. On the other hand, synthetic fabrics are not breathable, so they heat your body and increase its temperature at night. You can also look for cooling pads, which are gel pads you can place under your pillow or under your legs to stay cool at night. 

Keeping your home cool in summer can be challenging. But it’s important to establish positive temperature managing habits that will prevent the heat from staying inside your home. 

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