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Packing Your Craft Room for a Move

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If you’ve lovingly created a craft room at home, you’ll want to ensure it’s carefully packed and transported when you move into a new property. Packing up any room can be a tricky prospect, but the range of materials and the potential safety issues make moving a craft room a little more difficult. However, help is at hand! Take a look at these top tips and start planning your move today.

1. Start by Decluttering

Don’t assume that you want to take everything in your craft room with you when you move! Over time, you may have accumulated materials or equipment that you no longer use. If so, decluttering will give you the chance to discard, sell or donate items that you don’t need. As an added bonus, you’ll have to less move to your new property too.

2. Create a List of Everything Your Craft Room Contains

Before you begin packing up any items, create a detailed list of everything in your craft room. You can do this via an app, spreadsheet, or a written list but, whatever method you choose, be sure to include everything. Once you’ve got a note of everything your craft room contains, you’ll be able to take a strategic approach to packing it up and moving it.

3. Take Photographs

If you want to be able to recreate your craft room exactly as it is, be sure to take photographs before you start packing it up. This will make it easy to see what goes where and how your room was set up. In fact, you’ll have a visual guide that will enable you to recreate your craft room in your new property as soon as you arrive.

4. Highlight Potentially Dangerous Items

Crafting can be a fun hobby but some of the equipment you use could be potentially harmful, such as craft knives, sharp scissors, or sewing needles. Due to this, it’s important to flag potentially dangerous items and find suitable ways of moving them. A lockable plastic box could be a viable way to transport smaller items, for example.

By taking extra steps to ensure your safety, you’ll have peace of mind while you’re moving your belongings. Furthermore, reliable moving boxes and secured storage options help to keep your equipment safe too.

5. Hire Experienced Movers

Packing items up, carrying them to a van, and transporting them to a new property is time-consuming and stressful, particularly when it comes to long distance moving. When you hire a reputable moving company, however, you can access the specialist skills you need to simplify the project. With access to suitable vehicles and teams of people to pack, lift and carry, working with a removal team can take the stress out of transitioning your belongings to a new environment.

The right preparation can streamline the moving process, so it’s worth starting to plan your move as early as you can. By dealing with the task gradually, you can avoid last-minute panics and enjoy the process of moving into your new home.

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  1. A couple of years ago I went through ALL of my craft room items and got rid of a bunch and just organized it better. Def. a good idea before moving. I almost need to do it again now! Lol!


    1. Yes, just recently I purged so much. I wish I had done it before we moved, 3 years ago! It would have been so much easier.

  2. Highly recommend the decluttering you mentioned. I also think while you're making a list, it's a good time to brainstorm projects using the items on the list, and grouping them together or putting a symbol next to the ones to use together. If you're like me though, you might also be tempted to start these projects! Oh boy. I don't know what I'd do if all my craft items were packed away. But, I think it's a good way to kind of plan things out, and help you see what you might really not use, and can get rid of.


    1. Wow, that's a great idea to make a projects list at the same time, Alexandra. I'm so much less overwhlemed now that I've purged so much.

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