Participating in Your Child’s School: How You Can Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in your kids’ school, and it can be an excellent way for parents to contribute. However, not all people have the same goals when participating in their children’s education. Some parents just want a chance to see what is going on at school, while others may need a more hands-on approach. It’s important for parents to feel like part of the community and be aware of what is happening at this educational institution that impacts their child’s future. Participating in your child’s school is always a win-win.

How to get involved in your child's school

Benefits of Getting Involved

Getting involved in your child’s school provides benefits for both schools and families alike. Schools benefit by having extra hands around, which allows things to run smoothly with less stress. Parents  benefit by getting closer with teachers and other students’ parents outside of just waiting time in the pick-up area. Being involved also allows parents to have more input in their child’s school experience. Plus kids love to have their parents volunteer in class, especially in the elementary years.

Open House and Back-To-School Nights

One of the best ways to get involved with your kid’s school is by attending open house nights for families entering the school year and by getting involved in back-to-school nights. At these events, teachers go over important information about their classes and how students can excel during this academic year.

Being there every step of the way helps build trust between both parties, so they know what each other expects on certain levels. You should always make sure to communicate often with teachers through emails or phone calls, especially when it comes to homework assignments or anything else requiring some extra attention.


Another great way to get involved with your kid’s school is by volunteering. Volunteering can be done in many different ways. You can be a class parent, chaperone for field trips, or even help out at the book fairs that happen multiple times per year during lunch hours and after-school events.

Being a volunteer helps you gain trust from teachers who will appreciate all of your hard work. This also provides an inside look at the everyday atmosphere of the classroom, which can enable you to become aware of any potential problems there, before they escalate into something more serious.

Students appreciate parent volunteers, too, as they provide them experiences they might never have had without these generous parents.

Office Helper

If you are unable to become a class parent or volunteer for many reasons, there is always the option of becoming an office helper. This consists of working closely with secretaries and principals on tasks such as putting together report cards, organizing events schedules, and even data entry work. These menial jobs may not seem like much, but they help out just as much as any other type of volunteering would. Also,if you are bilingual, this can aid in the communication with students of different cultural backgrounds, which certainly helps improve diversity, empathy, and understanding.

Even Small Acts Goes A Long Way

If your life or work schedule make it too difficult to volunteer at the school, there are other ways of showing support there. Simple acts like joining the school’s Facebook, following them on Twitter, or even showing up at sports events with spirit wear will show support.

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  1. It's a helpful resource! COVID makes it so hard to participate the way we used to. Luckily there are still PTO meetings and opportunities for volunteering.

  2. Thank you for sharing these ideas. I love helping my married children with ways they can get involved with my grandchildren's schools.

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