Personalized Gifts: Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas

Have you struggled when choosing just the right gift for someone? Special gifts that will be treasured can take some extra thought, but giving a gift that is especially suited to a person is worth the effort

I  know that Christmas can be grossly commercial and “stuff”oriented.  But I love the spirit of giving,  and the warmth, love, and hospitality of this season that do seem, somehow, to triumph over the greed. And, I love thinking of gift ideas.

thoughtful Christmas gift ideas

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Here are a few ideas of gifts that are suited to individual interests:

  • For a photographer  (This includes parents and grandparents who like to take pictures of their families!)   A book of portrait poses, lens cleaner, gift certificate for digital prints or photo book.
  • For anyone of any age who loves art   Get one of those plastic bins at a discount store and fill it with supplies geared to their age or interests – unusual markers ( metallic, brush calligraphy, etc.), pastels, sketch book, “real” artist pencils, artist’s eraser.  Personalize the bin with their name. 
  • For families   Fill a “Game Night” box with new versions of old favorites (like Uno Roboto, Scrabble Deluxe Edition) or one that may be new to you.
  • For a preschool child   Decorate a big plastic bin and fill it with “dress up” clothes. Fun hats and feather boas are always good. Use your imagination.
  • For teachers   Teachers love gift cards to restaurants, bookstores, etc, and other gifts they can “use up” such as notecards and, depending on their likes and dislikes, chocolate, coffee, etc.  Most teachers have enough mugs and Christmas ornaments already. Here is a fun gift for a preschool or elementary teacher that your child can help create. (My son and I put one of these together for a favorite preschool teacher many years ago.) Have your child draw a simple picture. Scan it, and resize it to fit at the top of a 5×7 notepad. (If your child is able to write, have him or her also write the teacher’s name, or a phrase such as “Things to Do.”)  Then have a copy center print it onto about 100 pages of your choice of text weight  paper (5×7 inches is a good notepad size), and then have them  bind the top with a gum binding (so that the pages tear out.) We included a gift card to a coffee shop with the notepad.

Once you start thinking about these, it’s fun to come up with new ideas. It’s such a blessing to see faces light up when you’ve given a gift that you’ve put together with extra effort, isn’t it?

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  2. I couldn't agree with you more! The entire commercial aspect of the season is so out of control…..

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