Simple Ways to Cook Chicken More Creatively

For many people, chicken is a mealtime staple. It’s tasty, affordable, and easy to cook, not to mention an excellent source of protein. If we’re honest, it can also be pretty boring. There are many creative ways to cook chicken, though!

If you love chicken, but you want to cook a little more creatively with it, here are some ideas you might like to try out next time chicken is on the menu.

Sprinkle it with spices

One of the simplest ways to spice up your juicy instant pot chicken breast, for example, is to simply sprinkle it with herbs and spices. You may already do this, but chances are you stick to the same old thyme and lemon each time. Ud that’s the chase, why not try paprika and oregano or a brown sugar chili rub instead? Experiment although you might not like every combination, you’re sure to hit upon a winner or two that makes it all worthwhile.

Use it as a pizza crust

If you want to do something really different with chicken, why not use a mallet to beat it down until it is as thin as you can possibly get it, then use it as a pizza crust. It’s one thing your guests certainly won’t be expecting, and the combination of tender chicken, sweet marinara sauce, and tangy cheese is sure to be a winner.

Be sure to get creative with the toppings too. Swap pepperoni for Nduja or bacon for pancetta or go all out and try one of these weird pizza toppings instead. Have fun with it.

Make chicken under a brick

If you’re looking to make chicken day really special for the family, making chicken under a brick is a great way to go about it.

What is it? Basically, it’s a spatchcocked chicken that is weighed down by bricks (wrapped in foil) and roasted with a garlic, rosemary, and thyme rub. The bricks help to ensure that every piece of the chicken is evenly cooked and tenderized, which means it might just be the best piece of chicken you’ve ever tasted.

Use it in a dessert

Yes, really. Although most of us in the west think of chicken as being a savory ingredient only, this is not so everywhere. For example, in Turkey, they make a dish called tavuk göğüsü, which is basically a vanilla pudding with strands of the pulled chicken breast throughout. It may sound strange but it walks the line between sweet and savory perfectly, and because chicken is so bland, it’s the ideal meat for such a dish.

Come up with something totally new

Of course, the best way to get creative with chicken is to come up with something totally new Don’t look at any recipes or fall back on factors you know work already, and simply focus on putting together a dish that you think might taste great. If it fails, it fails, but at least you will have added a little more creativity to your cooking. 

Get creative in the kitchen, and even the most basic chicken breasts will seem exciting!

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