Simple Ways to Inject Style Into Your Yard or Garden

It’s that time of year again when balmy afternoons and long, light evenings arent far away. As spring gets into full swing and summer looms, there’s no better time to get your yard and garden ready.

If the winter has left your yard looking more drab than fab, here are some simple ways to inject serious style.

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Fencing, Decking and Paving

Our yards and gardens have become multi-purpose spaces, which serve an array of functions. If you have children, pets, or you love to entertain or indulge hobbies and interests, for example, you might find that your garden is a haven of peace one day and a base for socializing and getting together over a barbecue or a glass of wine the next.

One of the best ways to add aesthetic appeal, as well as enhancing functionality, is to use different materials and structures to create separate zones. You can hire fence builders, lay a new patio or use paving stones or gravel to section off areas for chilling out with a good book, hanging out with the kids or grandchildren, entertaining and growing plants and produce. Whether you have a compact space or a large garden, you can use fences, patios, decks and gates to smarten up the space, add character, and make the space more practical and versatile.

Seating, Soft Furnishings and Finishing Touches

Many of us love to spend as much time in our yards and gardens as possible, but it’s not always practical if you haven’t got anywhere to sit or lie. If you love to entertain family and friends or there’s nothing more appealing to you than kicking back in the yard after a busy day, there are myriad seating options to choose from. 

You can go for a laid-back look with hammocks, deck chairs, benches, outdoor bean bags and oversized floor cushions, you can go for a more formal seating area with sofa sets and tables and chairs, or you can mix and match to cater to all occasions. Think about how you want to use the space and the kind of vibe you want to create.

Once you have your seating in place, you can use soft furnishings and accessories like lanterns, outdoor rugs and planters to make the space look inviting and alluring. You can also add extras, such as outdoor kitchens, fire pits, pizza ovens and patio heaters, to fully embrace al fresco living all year-round.

Plants, Flowers and Trees

You might assume that you need to be an experienced horticulturist or that you have to enlist the services of a professional landscaper to enjoy a stunning yard or garden, but this is not always the case. If you’re not skilled with planting, sowing and pruning, you can buy filled planters, potted trees and plants that are ready to bloom. Adding flowers, plants and trees to your garden will inject vibrancy and color and also help to create a calming, relaxing ambiance.

Water Features

A water feature is a fantastic option to add instant style to your yard. From contemporary designs featuring glass bricks or metallic components, to traditional ponds and statues, there is something for everyone.

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If your garden is crying out for some TLC, you don’t have to spend a fortune or devote hours to gardening to bring about a spectacular transformation. Simple touches can make all the difference.

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  1. That pond is beautiful! I'd love to add a pond somewhere in my yard.


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