Three Ways to Be Better at Working From Home

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More and more people are opting to work at home.  There are so many advantages to that. You can enjoy the comfort of your own home, and if it’s your own business, you can adjust your workload to suit your capacity. Read on to discover some key pieces of advice that can help you be better at  working from home. 

Have a Dedicated Workspace 

Whenever you tell people you work from home, they will often talk about how great that must be. After all, you get to work in your PJs and you can watch television at the same time! If only it were that simple. 

Productivity is important, and having a dedicated workspace can help ensure your productivity levels remain high. Without a dedicated workspace you will be more likely to get distracted.  That could  mean that something that should only take you a few minutes to complete, actually takes a few hours. 

Efficiency and productivity aren’t  the only reasons to have a dedicated workspace.  It also helps you to separate your home life from your work life so that you can relax when you’re not at the computer.

Make sure you get plenty of natural light in the room and the temperature is right while you’re working.  Now is a good time to get the pros in for AC repair or to think about investing in a good fan!

Master the Art of Time Management

One of the most difficult things about working at home is managing your time. One day, you will find yourself working until the early hours. The next day, you’ll be way behind on your to-do list. This is why you need to have a schedule for each and every day. You need to make sure it’s a realistic schedule as well. Always give yourself a bit of leeway when it comes to the amount of time you give yourself to complete each task.

Ask for Referrals and Testimonials 

It’s important to build an exceptional rapport with all of your clients. When you do this, you will find asking for testimonials becomes a lot easier.  Testimonials are extremely beneficial – they give prospective customers an understanding of the level of quality they can expect. Testimonials help build your credibility and make people more likely to hire you. Be sure to ask for referrals, as well as testimonials.  Referrals are a great way to drum up new clientele and work. Ask your clients if they know about anyone else who may need your services.

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  1. Pam, thanks for all the great tips. It's hard to blur the lines between work and home life yet equally important to keep them separate.

  2. Pam!

    I didn't realize you'd highlighted one of my posts last week. Thank you!!
    I massage River every night b/c your husband and Sunny.


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