Thursday Favorite Things #557

Welcome to the weekly Thursday Favorite Things (TFT) blog hop. I’m glad you’ve stopped by.

I apologize for only having 2 features this week. I haven’t been working on the blog this week, and I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to post a party today.

Over the last several days, our Sunny dog had rapidly declined – she’s been in kidney failure for a long time- and yesterday (Wednesday), we had to say our final goodbyes to her. I can hardly believe I’m typing that, even though we knew it was imminent. There’s no way to really prepare for saying goodbye to such a sweet, wonderful dog, and I’m in a strange daze. I was expecting the severe grief, of course, but I wasn’t expecting this odd disorientation. For split seconds, I forget that she’s not here, then I remember, and then a few seconds later, it happens again.

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know how much Sunny was loved and what she meant to me. I’ll miss her horribly is an understatement. I don’t even know how to express this, because it’s just so intense. I hope that the wonderful memories will soon overpower the sadness.

Here are my features from last week’s party:

If you missed that party, you can visit here.

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Lemon Barbecue Chicken from Home Cooking on Poinsettia Drive

Lemon barbecue chicken

Vegan Corn Fritters (Gluten-Free, Eggless) from Strength and Sunshine

vegan corn fritters (gluten free, eggless)

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  1. Oh Pam, my heart breaks for you, loosing a beloved pet is so hard… thank you for hosting today, I will be praying for you. My links are #23, 24, 25

  2. Pam,
    I am so very sorry for your loss! She was well loved and she knew that…At times I think I still hear our Cassie and Savanna on the steps and i like to think that they are still there, looking out the front door watching the sights like they both loved to do!!
    My Link ups for this week are Numbers 43 and 44!!
    Thanks so much for hosting this delightful party each and every week!! I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into it along with visiting all the links and choosing Features!!! Thank You!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  3. Pam I am SO sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet and precious Sunny! I know how much joy she brought you (she brought us great joy too) and I enjoyed the photos you shared with us today. Please know I am grieving and praying for you.

    My friend Deborah Barnes is currently hosting her annual Rainbow Bridge Blog Hop on her blog, Zee And Zoey, if you would like to share the story of Sunny there and connect with other bloggers who are grieving the loss of their beloved pets as well.

    It has been two years since we lost Tsunami and I am still miss him tremendously.

    1. Ramona, thank you so much for the prayers. I really appreciate them. I will definitely check out the Rainbow Bridge Blog Hop. It’s hard to believe Tsunami has been gone two years already. I know how much you loved him.

  4. Pam, I’m so sorry for your loss! I know from experience how hard it is to let them go. Focus on all the joy and love Sunny brought to your life.

    1. Thank you so much, Debbee. I’ve been trying really hard to focus on the joy, and not the pain. My husband and I have been reminiscing a lot about her.

  5. Hi, Pam; I am so sorry for your loss. My dog is a senior citizen, and blind, too; I read your post about how to take care of a blind dog a few months ago, and it was so helpful, both from the information, and also from knowing that we were not alone along the journey. Thank you so much for sharing your precious moments with Sunny with your readers, may the happy memories help you and your family find solace.

    1. Hi Irene, Thank you so much. I appreciate the kind words. My husband and I have been reminiscing a lot about Sunny, and it has helped some. I’m so glad the senior dog post helped you. Best wishes to your pup, and I hope you have many precious moments still to come.

  6. prayers and hugs for you my friend, I am so truly sorry for your loss. Sunny’s hanging out on the rainbow bridge, where she is without pain or sickness. She’s just playing and watching you with love from above always. xo

  7. I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your precious Sunny. Grief certainly has no timeline, but I do hope one day you will find a way for the wonderful memories to live in your heart, rather than in sadness. Thank you also for stopping by my blog to express your sympathies for the loss of my Zee for Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.

    Kind regards from Deb and the Zee/Zoey gang.

    P.S. Your blog is quite beautiful and I enjoyed browsing through it.

    1. Thank you for the kind words of sympathy, Deb. I enjoyed reading about your Zee at the Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. Thanks, also, for your kind words about my blog.

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