A Veterans Day Presentation

My husband loves Veterans Day.  He especially used to love Veterans Day when he would get to do a Veterans Day presentation each year to kids at our local elementary school.  He is a veteran of the Air Force, and in addition to the wonderful recognition and appreciation, free food from various restaurants, and the free coffee from Starbucks he receives on Veterans Day, the highlight of the day for him, for several years, was giving a presentation to the kids. (I think my husband would have loved being an elementary school teacher!)

Each Veterans Day, my husband’s  niece and nephew’s elementary school invites the students’ relatives who are veterans to come and speak, and for several years, my husband would go and do a Veterans Day presentation for the kids in their classes. (My niece and nephew are now in middle school and high school, so my husband is now a veteran without a classroom…)

My husband would bring lots of photos and uniform items to supplement his presentation, and it was so much fun to watch the kids as he spoke.  The questions from the kids were wonderful.  Usually, the questions were pretty much expected, but occasionally, they were hilarious. For instance, one year my husband was telling about his time in England during his Air Force years, and he mentioned he saw a lot of concerts in London. One of the kids popped out with, “When you saw the Rolling Stones, did they play Paint it Black?”  

The kids enjoyed the photos, the uniforms, and the stories.  I always stood in the back and took pictures, and I loved how happy my husband was, interacting with the kids. My husband loves kids, and they love him.  Hearing the stories from veterans really seemed to help the kids understand history a little better and helped them appreciate veterans. 

My husband loved being in the Air Force. He also earned a debt free college degree and a thriving career, both primarily due to his service.

Happy Veterans Day to all of those who have served, and thank you for your service!

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    1. Thanks, Katherine! He was sad yesterday because it was the first Veterans Day that he has n't been off work in years. He really misses speaking at the school.

  1. I so enjoyed your post. Please thank your husband for his military service and for sharing his experiences with our youth. For Veterans Day, I published a post on my father-in-law's WWII service and experiences as a German POW. Linked it up in today's TFT if you or your hubby are interested.

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