Become a More Creative Person

Do you wish you were a creative person? Here’s a little secret – You already are a creative person. Creativity may come a bit more easily or naturally to some people, but with effort, anyone can develop their creativity.

Creativity applies to so many areas of life. You can learn to think in more divergent ways, find unusual uses for everyday things, and just think “outside the box” in general. It can help you communicate with others better, solve problems better, and have more fun!

How to develop your creativity


Many of us who want to use our creativity to create art or crafts, will often procrastinate and waste time with distractions that reduce the time needed to create. (And, by “many of us,” I mean me! My tendency to go down every single rabbit hole online is the biggest hindrance to my productivity, but in many ways, it truly helps my creativity grow. There is a fine line there!)

If you want to enhance your creativity, here are some ideas for you.


1. Try Out Lots Of Different Crafts and Artforms 

If art or crafts are your goal, start by making a list of all of the different crafts and artforms that you’d like to try. Trying something new, that requires you to learn a new skill, will actually help different parts of your brain develop. (This happens faster in children, but yes, your brain will make new connections even as you age.)

brush lettering

When I first started brush lettering, I would just write names and sayings all over my paper, with no structure or lines. It made me feel free and able to just have fun with it.

Try some crafts or art activities that don’t come naturally to you, as well as some that do. For me, drawing came much more naturally to me than learning to crochet, but my mom patiently showed me how to crochet, and eventually I learned the basics. It was good for my brain as I learned to manipulate the needles and strengthen my spatial skills as I struggled to see where to start the next stitch amongst all of those chain stitches!

You might find that, like me, there are more projects you want to try than there are hours in the day. (Which is why I like Pinterest so much. The challenge is to make the time to actually do the projects!) Try not to get overwhelmed with all of the options.

marbling with shaving cream


There are so many wonderful art and crafting tools now that help you make your creative ideas a reality. For instance, maybe you want to make bunting for a wedding or party (something I so wish I would have done for my daughter’s wedding last year…) It’s so easy now to find a cutting machine within minutes. (Well, less than that even.) Thevinyl cuttingmachine guide best vinyl cutting machine can help you, if you’d like to get creative for a party or event. For every art or craft project you can imagine, you can find the tools you need so easily these days.

2. Meditate

Meditation has been linked with many awesome benefits, but you have to do it often enough to reap the rewards. One benefit is creativity! If you meditate for just 10 minutes each day, you might just find that your creativity develops the more you meditate. 

3. Spend Time With Creative People

This is one of my favorites and one of the reasons I love blogging so much. There is so much inspiration and creativity in the blogging world. You become like the people you spend the most time with, so make sure you’re spending time with creative people. When you’re around inspired people, you tend to be more inspired. 


4. Get Creative With Kids

Kids have boundless imaginations. Getting creative with kids might help you learn how to create something truly original without fear! Kids have less constraints on their ability to develop new ideas and think outside the box, so, here is your opportunity to act like a kid!

food art

Creating people sculpture with food can be fun AND a good way to get your kids to eat vegetables…(I think that is supposed to be Ernie from Sesame Street, but this picture is over 20 years old, so who knows?!)

If f you don’t have your own kids, borrow a niece or nephew, or volunteer to spend some time with one of your friends’ children. (Your friend will love you for it, by the way.) Play, make up stories, paint, do word games, enjoy nature together, take pictures of anything and everything.

When my kids were little, I was always in the mindset of finding ways to help them develop their creativity and critical thinking skills, but it actually helped me develop too! And, my kids’ free-wheeling dives into different projects and stories taught me to take my own projects less seriously and just enjoy creating.

wipe off easel


5. Schedule Your Creativity

Schedule time for creativity every day, even if it’s just 10 minutes of free writing. Put this in your planner and make time for it. Getting into the creative habit so you can unlock that part of your brain is key. 


6. Always Keep A Notebook With You

Keeping a notebook with you means being able to write down inspiration wherever it strikes. (Fortunately, I have many, many notebooks! I can’t resist them.) Don’t tell yourself that you’ll write it down later because you might forget the finer details. Embrace inspiration when it hits! 


7. Get Active

By getting active every day, you’ll break up the monotony of the day, and this alone will make you far more creative. Go for a walk, run, or even a gym session. It’ll help you to feel more alert and energized and should help you to feel ready to create and come up with awesome ideas. I’ve found that sitting in front of the computer for too long does not get the creative juices flowing!

Are you ready to help your creativity blossom? I’d love to hear about your creative plans or how you get your creativity flowing!

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