Ways to Spend More Time in Outdoor Green Spaces

Most of us want to create a more balanced and harmonious everyday life. Sometimes this results in spending time on home organization and maximizing productivity. While those are good and meaningful activities, one of the most important things for anyone hoping to improve an overall sense of well-being (and overall productivity) might be to spend regular time outdoors in green natural settings.

Research suggests that people who regularly spend time in green spaces are healthier, less stressed, and more upbeat. 

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But what are some activities to do in the great outdoors? Here are a few suggestions.


Gardening is one of the first outdoor activities that comes to mind, and it can be an uplifting activity to participate in, above and beyond heavier landscaping jobs like tree removal.

Ultimately, spending time with your hands in the soil can intimately reconnect you with a sense of balance and harmony in your everyday life. It can reconnect you to the joy of nurturing something and watching natural beauty arise.

At the same time, though, gardening can be good exercise – and it can help to move you out of your own ruminations, by directing your attention outwards. It’s a hobby that can be just about as engaging as you care to make it.

Gardening also allows you to completely transform the look of your property with beautiful flower beds,  and you can grow some of your own herbs and produce.

Hiking and Walking

Hiking and walking are brilliant ways of being physically active and exploring the great outdoors simultaneously, and both activities have been connected to all sorts of  benefits to health and well-being.

Many influential historical figures were prolific ramblers, and research seems to suggest that engaging in a brisk walk in a natural setting can be a surprisingly effective form of exercise, while also helping to serve a stress relief function.

Jogging, Sports, and Other Forms of Exercise

Physical exercise is known to be extremely beneficial in all sorts of different ways – ranging from direct health benefits, to its massively beneficial effect on mood. In fact, physically active pastimes, such as sports, can also be excellent opportunities for some personal bonding.

Many different forms of physical exercise can take place outdoors, ranging from jogging, to sports like football or rugby, tennis, or even yoga. What’s more, research has suggested that many forms of exercise have more benefits when performed in natural settings, than when performed indoors in gyms, or in the house.


These are just a few of the many ways to spend your time outdoors. If you make it a goal to get out and and enjoy green spaces, your life will benefit in so many ways.



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