What to Do with the Big Tree in Your Yard

huge tree in yard
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You’ve got a big tree in your back yard, and you’re not quite sure what to do with it. 

On the one hand, it does look nice and acts as a centerpiece for the garden. On the other hand, you feel as though it’s maybe taking up too much space. So, how do you deal with it?

Naturally, there are two main questions you’re going to ask yourself. 

Should you keep the tree?

Keeping the tree should, ideally, be the main goal. It’s never good to chop down a tree, unless the tree could cause a potential problem.

Is there anything you can do to the tree to make it a better part of your yard? For instance, could you build a treehouse in it for your kids? Could you, maybe, attach a rope swing to it? Ideas like this help a tree go from a nuisance to something that’s an active part of your yard. 

Focus on maintaining the tree so it doesn’t cause any issues in your yard. This means trimming it and maybe cutting the branches back a bit if they’re starting to grow too long. Long branches are a problem when they grow too close to your home as they might damage your property. So, get them cut every now and then to prevent it. 

Also, following general tree care tips and techniques will ensure the tree looks gorgeous and doesn’t start to rot. 

Should you remove the tree?

As mentioned above, in most cases you should try to keep the tree where it is. However, there are instances when it does make sense to remove the tree.

Look at your yard and think about the positioning of the tree. Is it dangerous? Is the tree hanging over the wall into your neighbor’s yard? Is the tree starting to grow very close to your home? When a tree is in a position that could cause harm to yourself, others, or your property, it can make sense to remove it – but only if trimming it doesn’t solve the problem. 

One of the reasons to remove a tree is if it isn’t healthy. Rotten trees can be a problem for the rest of your yard, so they should be safely removed. ‘Safely’ is the keyword there – don’t remove a tree by yourself. Find some tree removal services, as this means professionals will handle it without putting yourself at risk. The tree can be taken down without you hurting yourself or your home. 

Ultimately, what you should do with the big tree in your yard depends on the health of the tree and where it’s positioned. If the tree is healthy, try to keep it as it can be a great addition to your garden. But, if the tree must come down, be sure this is handled by a team of professionals.

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