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Sketchmarker Aqua Watercolor Markers Review

I have loved watercolor markers with brush tips and dual tips for a long time, so, I was very excited when Sketchmarker contacted me with an offer to send me their Sketchmarker Aqua Watercolor Markers, in exchange for my honest review. (Update! Be sure to see the promo code at the bottom of the review, for 15% off watercolor markers, through February.)

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I received both the Citrus set and the Balloons set. (Sketchmarker also makes alcohol markers, but my review today is only of their watercolor markers.)

Watercolor markers are amazingly versatile, and the Sketchmarker Aqua Watercolor Markers are no exception. The ink in them is water based, so it’s reactive with water, allowing you to get all kinds of effects. You can use them as watercolors, simply by scribbling the color onto a palette and painting with the included water brush, draw with them, letter with them, create blending effects, and so much more.

There are 72 colors total in the Sketchmarker Aqua line. There are several sets to choose from, and the markers can be purchased individually, as well.

I have the Balloons set with 36 different colors of markers and the Citrus set, with 24 different colors. Each set includes a water brush, a mini palette, and a coloring book. (There is a slight overlap of colors between these two sets. That is something to keep in mind when choosing which sets to buy.)

The Citrus Set colors
The markers are dual tipped.

Qualities of the Sketchmarker Aqua Watercolor Markers

The colors of the markers are lovely. There are many subtle colors, which I love; they aren’t garish or overly bright. These are some of the prettiest colors I’ve seen in watercolor markers.

The aqua markers have heft, and the caps fit with a satisfying click. These are dual tipped – One tip is a brush marker, and the other end is a bullet tip. The brush tip is a little bit bigger than the Tombow Dual Tip brush pens. They feel like a quality marker in the hand.

The Sketchmarker Aqua markers are dye based markers, so they aren’t lightfast (as is true of most watercolor markers, unless they’re artist grade.) They’re perfect for work that won’t be hung in the light, such as journals, sketchbooks, and portfolios.

Recommended Papers

The preferred paper to use with these markers is a cellulose watercolor paper (not cotton) of at least 200 gsm. Canson XL watercolor paper (300 gsm), is a cellulose watercolor paper that works well with these. It provides nice blending when water is applied, without leaving marker strokes. If you want a smoother watercolor paper, Fluid Hot Press watercolor paper is a good one.

Keep in mind that if a paper contains 50% or above cotton, the absorbency of the paper will make it much more difficult for mixing with water, and the marker strokes will probably not blend completely (per the company representative.)


In the first photo below, the top example of “blend” was done on Canson XL watercolor paper with the colorless blender that’s included in the sets, and the bottom example of “blend” was blended with water and a brush. (For the example that I blended with water, it would have been easier to use the water brush that is included in the sets, rather than a paintbrush and water!) The colors blended out well with both the colorless blender and the brush and water.

Tip! I outlined the letters in black, and I don’t recommend doing that when you have had three cups of coffee and no lunch! But, you get the gist.

These markers are so much fun, and I’ll be using them a lot in my illustrated journals and sketchbooks. One of my goals this year is to do more illustrating with watercolors, and these will make that so simple.

Promo Code: I’m excited to share a promo code with you! If you use the code, anartfulmom, you will receive a 15% discount on the water color markers, through the end of February. Shop HERE.

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  1. These look like good watercolor markers, I have some that I haven’t used in a long time, I am going to get them out and play! I love your letter blends, so pretty! Thanks Pam!

  2. These are so pretty! And love that you can use them to create watercolor lettering! I’ll have to see if my daughter knows about these! I’m delighted to be featuring you at Tuesday Turn About this week, Pam! Pinned!

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