How to Turn Your Back Yard into An Inspiring Creative Studio

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Turning your back yard into a creative place is something many of us want to achieve, in general. After all, the very act of gardening is a creative endeavor.

But if you want to do something more, and turn your yard into a creative studio, a backdrop to inspire and stimulate, how can you do this?

Furnish Your Space With New Aesthetics

Creating different tones and imagery is important to stimulate the mind. It’s not just about what you see, but it’s how you feel when you are being creative.

For example, if you are a painter, and you want to make a landscape, it’s not an intense, rushed task. It requires that combination of being relaxed while also being focused. 

This is where the essential items of outdoor furniture become crucial. Whether it is a Muskoka chair so you can rest in between long painting sessions, or you need to invest in an adjustable pottery stool so you can start to mold vases and furnishings, giving yourself comfort, as well as style, is crucial.

Spruce Up Your Space

If you want to inspire creativity in your back yard, make sure that the space you have is up to it. There’s no point investing in new things when there are existing issues that need fixing. Making simple changes to your space can give it a whole new lease of life, so consider paint jobs that need doing, fence installation & repair and planting that can be done to refresh your outdoor space. Subtle changes can make the space feel new and fresh again, ready to help you get to work.

Set Up an Outdoor Room (Shed)

Depending on where you live, your yard might look beautiful, but it may not be practical to stay out there all day. If you live somewhere that is prone to significant rainfall, an outdoor room is a worthwhile investment. The great thing about outdoor rooms these days is that they are multifunctional.

With an outdoor room or shed, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to give yourself privacy away from the elements so you can focus.

Minimize Distractions with Plants

It’s important to make sure that when you are creating, you have no distractions. You can put distractions or unwanted eyes looking in to an end by disguising your creative space with plants. Try vertical growing plants such as bamboo, which not only make the space private, but will instantly transform your outdoor space into a more relaxing place to create. After you’ve worked hard on your art, craft, or sewing projects, you can relax and feel at one with nature.

Use Folding Doors or French Doors To Merge the Kitchen and Patio

Sometimes it’s not just about the yard, but about the access to the yard. The great thing about most homes is that the back yard or patio is just beyond the kitchen. And one of the growing trends in recent years is folding patio doors. Perfect for summer months, when you want to stay indoors but get the benefit of the sunshine, folding doors also create a consistent aesthetic. Blending the kitchen and the yard, to create a unified space is a simple way to make both areas appear more spacious.  French doors are another wonderful option.

Sometimes we need to be away from distractions, in order to build a great creative environment. This is why many people set up a little studio in their homes. But if you don’t have the luxury of space indoors, a space in your yard or patio is the next best option.

What do you think of creating an outdoor studio?

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