5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy at Home

While dog care doesn’t end with just good training and habits at home (because obviously, you’ll need to prepare for those times when he or she isn’t at home), home pet care is the perfect place to start.  

 After all, your pup will be spending more time at home than in any other setting.

Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy at Home

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Here are five tips you need to know.

It All Starts With Nutrition

Like humans, dogs rely heavily on the right nutrition. It gives them energy, encourages healthy muscle growth, and can boost their mental stimulation. This is especially true when you find brain games that make your pets work (play) for their treats. Also, you should know that different breeds may prefer and need different foods. The volume of food should align to the size of your dog, otherwise, obesity can cause problems for organs and joints.

Nutritional supplements may be required, just as with us humans.

Dogs Need Exercise

Nutrition counts for very little if it is not supported by regular exercise. While a combination of walks on new routes and familiar routes will be key, you must not overlook home exercise. However, it’s not possible to keep your eyes on the pet at all times. An invisible dog fence is an option that doesn’t affect the look of your yard or pose threats to your pet. This makes it a far more attractive prospect than an electrical fence, for example.

Know That All Dogs Are Different

No two dogs are the same, and it may take some trial and error to find the perfect care routines for your dog. However, you can make the process easier by looking for guidance.. Appreciating that senior dog care may look a lot different than puppy care, for example, can work wonders. Again, knowing your breed is vital, while issues like your geographic location can have an influence, too.

As the age issues underline, your pet care strategies may change over time.

Mental Comfort Is Crucial

Ensuring that your dog receives the support needed for physical wellness is pivotal. Still, a dog’s mental wellness is equally crucial. Anxiety and fear can change a dog’s personality over time. If you have other pets, it’s imperative that you introduce them to each other. Kids should be taught how to be gentle with your dog at an early age. Where possible, a designated spot for your dog to be alone can be useful, especially when you have guests over.

A happy dog will bring even more love to the home.

Routines Are Vital

A sense of familiarity can have a hugely positive influence on a dog’s general wellness. Whenever possible, it helps to have a routine. This can include going for walks at the same times, feeding at the same times, and having the dog groomer visit at scheduled times. The harsh reality is that a perfect routine can’t always be maintained. Still, a sense of stability is key.

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