Happy Halloween From Our Home to Yours and Some Fall Decor

Happy Halloween everyone!  

Although your celebration may be different this year than in years past, I hope you have a good time tonight (if you celebrate Halloween, that is!)

I realize that many of you will start decorating for Christmas right after Halloween, (and I do start watching Christmas movies then!), but I don’t really put up much Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving. So, I plan to enjoy some fall color on the front porch and indoors, at least for a few more weeks. 

If we get any trick-or-treaters tonight (I hope we do), they will have a more cheerful greeting than the previous dreary black mat and colorless front porch would have given.

I’m planning to put the candy on a table on the porch.  I was originally going to put it on the driveway, but it’s a little dark there.  Plus, the porch is much more happy.  I will miss greeting the kids at the door, but at least I can wave from a distance. 

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I got the jack-o-lantern door mat at a local garden store, and the buffalo check rug beneath it as a part of this set, on Amazon.  I know that jack-o-lantern season is about over, so he’ll be saying goodbye a little bit sooner than the rest of it.

I have pansies and celosia on the porch. (The celosia is the red plant.) If it doesn’t frost really early, the celosia might even still be out there with my Christmas decorations for a bit!   (I doubt that will happen though! Once it frosts, the celosia is done.)

It’s might be warm enough to sit on the porch this evening, from a safe distance. After several days of cold, dreary rain, the sunshine and 60 degrees today is wonderful.

(My talented daughter – who,unlike me, can sew! – inspired me with her own buffalo check pillows. So, on Amazon,  I got these pillow covers that came as a set with the buffalo check front door rug, under the mat. I had to get my own pillow forms for them, but I’ll use the forms over and over, changing the covers with the season. The fabric is great quality and can be used indoors or out.  I’m so happy with them.)

A leaf garland and a new little pumpkin cheered up the mantel.  I got the white lantern a few Christmases ago, and it stays there year round.  Pretty soon, I’ll just switch out the fall garland for Christmas garland.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a safe, happy evening.

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  1. Love it. And I love the transitional pieces too. Like how some things are valid through all of fall and then blend seamlessly into winter/Christmas.

    1. Thanks! I like to keep up the decorations I love as long as I can, so I try to blend them into the next season (or sometimes all year round. haha)

  2. I love the cheerful little faces on the jack-o-lanterns on your rug! Perfect to greet little trick or treaters. I just took my Halloween decorations off the porch today, and put up my Fall pieces to enjoy a little bit before Christmas decorating.


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